Online Doctor Video Consultation for Right Diagnosis

Vanya Health - one of the best telehealth companies, provide simple and secure access to mobile friendly video consultations to patients at the convenience of their home or workplace. The online video consultation caters to all medical requirements and is cost effective, saves time and allows patients to have privacy. Vanya Health’s approach to medical second opinion services India helps patient prevent misdiagnosis. The patients can connect with world class specialists and super specialists to discuss their information and resolve treatment needs or provide interim care oversight at the click of a button.

Affordable Medical Value Travel in India - For Best Health care and Treatment Guidance

India is one of the most preferred countries for Medical tourism, considering its world-class healthcare amenities and treatment. Vanya Health is a leading name for Medical Value Travel in India, having a network of the best hospitals, doctors, and medical treatments. As a part of Medical Tourism in India, we facilitate patients to gain the best healthcare service and treatment by collaborating with the best hospitals, doctors, and panels.

At Vanya Health, we have an extensive network comprising of 2000+ specialty doctors and 100+ panel hospitals. Herein, we present our patient's state-of-art treatment across medical specialties. It includes Oncology, IVF, Orthopaedics, Transplants, and Cardiology services as a part of our Medical Travel in India.

As part of our Medical Value Travel in India, we customize the services based on patient requirements, thereby guiding all phases from pre-hospitalization to travel, surgery, and discharge. Besides, through online video consultations, we connect patients to world-class panels of doctors and hospitals to discuss their information and take second opinions, thereby preventing misdiagnosis.

Vanya Health takes the complete onus of arranging for surgical and OPD camps in the target country to make it easy for patients to connect with Indian doctors from their home comfort. We take the onus of being your one-stop destination for meeting all medical care and treatment guidance during Medical Value Travel in India.

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