Welcome to Vanya Healthcare!

Vanya Healthcare is one of the leading medical value travel company in India with a network of top hospitals, best doctors & state of art medical treatments in India.

As a part of medical value travel, we offer top medical centres in India providing best in class healthcare facilities. India is one of the most preferred destination in the world for medical tourism and we have a deep understanding of the Indian healthcare system.

We have a network of 20+ panel hospitals, 100+ super speciality doctors. We offer world-class treatment across medical specialties such as Oncology, Cardiology, Transplants, IVF and Orthopedic in India.

Our Vision: Deliver best in class healthcare services with enhanced accessibility and affordability for patients in India and other developing countries

Our Mission: Create reliable network of patient and healthcare service providers, enabling access to end to end healthcare services and increased collaboration between doctors across the world for better knowledge exchange.

We provide multiple options to the patients when they approach us for treatment

Video consultation: Second opinion helps patient prevent misdiagnosis and get best treatment available. The comprehensive treatment plan from our panel doctors helps them in making informed decision. We safeguard your confidential data and could be only viewed by the consulting doctor.

Medical Value Travel: We create a customized end to end treatment plan based on patient requirements in consultation with best doctors and hospitals in India. We guide patient at all stages of their journey - pre-hospitalization, travel, surgery, discharge, post making it a seamless experience.

Treatment in local country: We also arrange surgical and OPD camps in the target countries through which patient could also use Indian doctor’s services in their own country.


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