Cancer treatment in India
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Cancer Treatment in India

India is now considered as the hub for medical tourism all over the world due to its miraculous ability to offer the best cancer treatments. Thanks to the latest generation technology in treatment & evaluation and the evolution of cancer specialists in India, it has become possible to provide a better solution to the cancer patients coming from all over the world. There have been some groundbreaking discoveries and by adapting it, the treatment of cancer has improved a lot. However, knowing how cancer can be treated depends upon the kind and stage of cancer you’re suffering from. Once a cancer specialist is aware of these, he can decide on the typing of the cancer cells along with the knowledge of spread of the disease in the other parts of the body. Depending upon the intensity and the effect of it, you will be given a treatment that can be excision of the cancer, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy or all of these. Cancer hospitals in India are laced with such new technologies in its diagnosis and new facilities which can work for the easy detection and defective treatment plans for this disease. You may know more about it once you consult an online oncologist in India.

Types of Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is caused by abnormal growth of cells in the body and it’s cases are increasing in India by each day. This disease isn’t bound to any particular kind of person and can happen to anyone. There are more than hundred types of Cancers and so are the number of cancer hospitals in India.

  • Breast Cancer -It is a one of the most common types of cancers in India and here are its types:
    1. Invasive ductal carcinoma
    2. nvasive lobular Carcinoma
  • Lung Cancer - When abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way to form a tumor in the lungs. Smoking can increase your risk of developing lung Cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer -This is a common type of Cancer in men. This type of Cancer usually grows slowly and may have minimal treatment than other types of cancer that are aggressive and spread quickly.
  • Colorectal Cancer -It is adenocarcinomas from epithelial cells. The increasing age is the greatest risk factor in this disease as it occurs at the age of 40 year or over.
  • Cervical Cancer- This disease occurs in the cervix of women in the lower part of the womb that is called the uterus. In India, cervical cancer death rate increases every year.
  • Oral Cancer - It is the most common type of disease in India which is mostly caused by the intake of tobacco and found in the tissue of the lip and the commonest site is oral cavity and cough.
  • Stomach Cancer- This type of Cancer includes all parts of the stomach and it is also called gastric cancer. There are mainly 5 parts of the stomach that are affected by this disease:
    1. Fundus
    2. Cardia
    3. Body
    4. Pylorus
    5. Antrum

These are other types of Cancers like Brain Cancer, Ovarian Cancer that is found in 3-4% of women, Leukemia which is a cancer of white blood cells, and much more which can be known if you consult an oncologist online.

Introduction about Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a computer assisted surgery that is currently used in surgical operations. Being a new and exciting emerging technology, its preference is rapidly increasing in India and other countries also. However, its procedure is similar to laparoscopic surgery and it can also be performed through smaller cuts than traditional and open surgery. Robotic technology offers the unique opportunity to control the operational process outside the actual location, with the skilled and often expert operations, not necessarily being physically present.

There are following types of the Robotic surgery

  • Supervisory Controlled System
  • Telesurgical System
  • Shared Controlled System
  • Robotic Radiosurgery System
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How can VanyaHealth help you in cancer treatment India?

Medical tourism is one of most effortless ways to exchange art, culture and medical facilities that is lacking in other countries for a really long time. It has been facilitating a wide range of population with all the needed amenities which is advantageous in their health condition but isn’t accessible in their country. India has been recognized as one of the major hubs for Medical Tourism and the availability of the best cancer hospitals in India has given this a boost. Many patients visit here due to the rejuvenation felt in the lap of nature, yoga, pocket-friendly cost for cancer treatment and other latest-generation technology that can help them recover better. Along with the presence of telehealth services, it has become quite convenient for the patients to consult oncologists online or to get online cancer consultation in India. So even if you reside somewhere else, it would be easier for you to get monitored by a cancer specialist and have their opinion.VanyaHealth works like a charm when it comes to providing you with the best oncologist in India and here are the certain benefits that are associated with the same:

  • Highly qualified and experienced oncologists at your service
  • You’ll get a nice balance of expertise and economical prices
  • Top-tier amenities and treatment facilities
  • Immediate assistance is offered without any waiting time
  • Get in appointment with the most renowned Cancer surgeons in India.
  • Also, sim card, medical visa assistance, access to best hospitals, airport pick and drop, case manager, currency exchange services are provided at your disposal.

Benefits of choosing Cancer specialists in India

The success rate of cancer treatments in India has gone up tremendously in the case of breast cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney and others. When those suffering from childhood Leukemia can be saved in 70% of the chances along with hyperplasia and dysplasia, if detected in the early stages. According to the specialists worldwide, cancer treatment in India has witnessed massive growth in terms of technology, medicines, and treatment facilities launched here. Every three months, new treatments and drugs are launched in India to facilitate a better care for the patients. The affordable cost of cancer treatment has made itthe user’s favorite destination when it comes to getting such medical services in India. Thecancer hospitals in India have state of the art technology along with highly trained staff members which pay heed to every need of their patients without any delay. With the individualized medical assistance, proper care and excellent environment offered by these clinics, patients show more interest in getting the treatment. To make these treatment cycle even more effective, various treatment providers hire psychological analyzers to render the most effective attention to all of them. Along with offering the best treatment that you can get, fueled by an empathetic integrative team of caregivers and staff members who will help you throughout the treatment, they facilitate a healthy surrounding for you to recover.

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