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Suppressing your desire to have a child because of infertility? Worry no more, as there are high chances that your dream to become a parent can be brought to life by consulting the IVF specialist in India or Fertility specialist in India! However, before you get your hopes high, you need to understand what In-vitro fertilization is and how it has introduced people with the ultimate happiness of their lives. IVF is a renowned technology that is being opted by every woman who is facing difficulty in getting impregnated. This process helps them in conceiving through fertilization that is done by fetching eggs from the female ovaries and sperm from the male only to combine it under favorable conditions in a laboratory. Once fertilized, the egg is preserved in the mother’s womb to make her conceive and give birth to a child. Although with its advanced technology, there are 70% chances that you’ll be lucky enough to have a child, however, it doesn'talways result in your favor. Sometimes, you’ll have to try more than once by contacting a specialist for infertility treatment in India.

Why choose Infertility Treatment in India?

Considering the complexity and expertise that IVF treatments require, it is quite crucial to pick a clinic that facilitates on-time treatments, accurate diagnosis, and a suitable plan based on the condition of the patient. Picking a right IVF specialist in India can be challenging and a life-altering decision as it is about getting you on the journey of parenthood. There are various clinics that provide best infertility treatments along with online fertility doctor consultation in India for the patients with greater efficiency. They offer a complete assessment of the couples, their issues and evidence in order to provide them with proper treatment to help them overcome this issue.

These IVF specialists in India base their services on the fact that every couple is unique and so should their treatment plans be! By developing more accurate fertility solutions after analyzing their individual issues can raise the chances of such couples to become parents. In recent times, people from all over the world are siding with Medical Tourism for IVF in India due to the success rate of this procedure. Provided to men and women who are suffering from genetic problems or sterility issues, IVF treatment is favored in many conditions. It may be caused due to blockage of Fallopian tubes, damage caused to it, disorders in ovulation, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, previous tubal sterilization or removal, impaired sperm production or function, uterine fibroids, genetic fertility preservation for cancer or other health problems. There are various kinds of infertility treatments provided to such couples in which IVF can be proved to be best.

Infertility Specialist in India

Steps involved in IVF Treatment

The entire process of IVF takes at least four to six weeks to get complete and here’s the step wise treatment procedure that is followed by every fertility clinic:

  • Triggering the ovulation: This step of IVF treatment process lets the patients self-monitor the hormones as it is the beginning of the IVF cycle. The length of this step is dependable on the patient’s response to the medicines. The improvements and betterments can be administered through taking blood tests and ultrasound.
  • Retrieving the egg: The experts sedate the patient before the bringing of the this phase and then the eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle that is pinned to the ultrasound probe. Once the egg is retrieved, the patients undergoing the treatment will use medication that forms the lining in the womb and prepare it for embryo transfer. This process can also be delayed if you want to get pregnant a little late.
  • Sperm retrieval: The male parent-to-be is asked for semen and only the most motile sperms are selected after washing the specimen thoroughly. They can even use these sperms immediately for fertilizing the eggs or can freeze and store it for a later use.
  • Fertilization: The eggs are fertilized by the traditional insemination process of by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and then it’s regularly inspected. You can also get IVF Video consultation in India to know more about it.
  • Transfer if the Embryo: After the embryo consists of 4 to 8 cells once the retrieval is done, its takes 3 to 5 days to transfer the embryo. It takes 6-10 days for the implantation process to get completed inside the uterus. Sometimes embryo is also freezed and conserved by the embryologist for a later use in the case if you want to become parents again.
  • After Retrieval: After two weeks of retrieval, a pregnancy blood test is carried out on the patient undergoing the IVF treatment and if it comes positive, the patient is said to be pregnant for 4 weeks.

How VanyaHealth can help you in IVF Treatment in India?

As you’re already aware of the fact that India is considered as one of the best IVF Treatment centers in the world, people are arriving for this from all corners of the world here. With cutting edge technology, higher efficiency in the treatments, and greater care facilities, the IVF medical tourism in India is becoming the most opted choice of all time. VanyaHealth works as a portal for bringing the facilitators of this treatment and the patients together. You’ll just have to state your requirements and you’ll be able to end up with a clinic that is rendering the needed treatment in your budget. As an accessory to telehelath, VanyaHealth works on distributing the health-associated services through electronic media or telecommunication. Taking into account that, patients who aren’t familiar with the treatment facilities here may not be able to choose the best for themselves. Thanks to VanyaHealth services, it allows all the patients who are going for Medical tourism for In-vitro Fertilizationto get in right clinical contact, reminders, monitoring and remote admissions and much more. With its intervention, all the foreign patients visiting for fertility treatment in India can be successfully treated in a better medical facility. Vanya Health also assists in airport pickup and drop, medical visa assistance, currency exchange services and also provides a care manager who can take care of your daily needs in India.

Benefits of IVF Treatment in India:

  • Infertility treatment in India is performed through world-class equipment, surgical facilities that are available with immediate medical appointments, and high-quality medical care along with operations carried out by infertility experts.
  • Indian infertility treatment experts have set their target to satisfy its patients with the abolished best services and that’s why they only tend to utilize the finest amenities.
  • There are highly-advanced infertility evaluation centers in India that have set the bar of reproductive treatment on the top. With its motto to make the customers happy, they have established a relaxing and caring environment for the better effect on the patients which has ultimately encouraged Medical tourism for IVF treatment in India.
  • Most of the clinics here hold a widely acclaimed team of fertilityspecialists, trained and experienced embryologists and psychological counsellors for treating its patients in the best possible way.
  • You can fast-track your way towards finding the ultimate clinic to ensure the desired treatment by putting VanyaHealth services as a mediator and rest assured as you will be taken care of as per your requirements.

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