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Given its ability to generate employment opportunities, earning foreign currency, enhancing a country’s soft power, and encouraging the exchange of culture, Medical Value Travel has been drawing strategic importance in this era of globalization. The culture of consumerism has driven people to look for a better quality of medical treatments and economical costs by traveling to the various corners of the world. Some countries are renowned for offering top-tier health care options which are inexpensive, consist of the latest-generation technology in the medical field, and modern amenities in the hospitals which are available at a waiting time. However, Medical Value Travel is not confined to developed countries like the USA or European countries. The newest hub of Medical Value Travel is Asia as the same services in the lesser cost in the developed countries have made the travelers shift their focus to several Asian countries who are acing MVT.

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Reasons to opt for Medical Value Travel in India?

For the international community, India has grown to be the best healthcare services provider. Moreover, it currently ranks in the 5th position when it comes to the Medical Tourism Index among the most prominent 51 Medical Tourism destinations around the globe. Innovation and recent medical technology are growing at a rapid pace and the healthcare experts in India are best at it.Due to professional specialists, top quality medical care, efficient nursing staff, affordable cost, modern technologies, nationally and internationally approved medicines, medical tourists prefer India for treatment. With the luxuries of modern life along with their cultural heritage, natural wonders, and historical value, India forms a perfect place for those who wish to experience newness while undergoing their treatment. Concerning that it is focusing on building infrastructure, switching to modern technologies, and improving services for a smooth and pleasant experience of the patients, India poses the potential to become a leading figure in medical tourism.

Services offered by Vanya Health

Playing a major part in serving international patients in India, Vanya Health offer the following benefits to them:

  • Best doctors and hospitals are accessible now The hospitals are equipped with all modern technologies and equipment. This makes the Indian hospitals at par with their international counterparts in offering the best medical facilities. The infrastructure of the Indian hospitals today and the medical tools that are used ensure that the patients get the best treatment. Patients are promised the best recovery and every step is done in a comforting way.
  • For medical patients get visa assistance For getting a medical visa, we arrange it for you. We take over the entire hassle like writing a letter to the Indian embassy/Indian high commission and getting the documents in place as per the regulations and rules as stated by the laws for medical visa approval. Patient and attendant passport scan copy would be required to proceed further.
  • Meals and stay are free of cost for the patient attendants In the room of the patient, only one attendant is permitted. According to the hospital rules, the attendant meal and stay are free of cost. The patient’s family member needs to wait in the ICU waiting area or guest house if the patient is in ICU.
  • Reception at the airport We also provide meet and greet service. We pick up the patient and his family member from the airport and transfer them to the hospital or the guest house as the case may be. For availing this service, complete travel details of the patient must be shared in advance so that the attendant of the hospital receives them at the aerobridge or at the gate with the patient’s name placard.
  • SIM card To get a local sim card, we also assist you in buying it from the stores situated near to the hospital.
  • Arrangement of the guesthouse According to your budget and preference, we help in arranging guest house situated near to the hospital after and before discharge both.
  • Hospitalization period During the stay of the patient at the hospital, a guest relationship executive will be assigned to him. He will act as the single point of contact. All the non-medical help such as registration, discharge and admission formalities, arranging sim card and accommodation, and any other assistance which you might require will be taken care of by him.
  • Currency exchange Also, our representatives assist you in exchanging currency.
  • Interpreter Services An in-house interpreter is also arranged who allows the patient to be able to communicate with the hospital staff and the doctors without any language hindrance.

These are other types of Cancers like Brain Cancer, Ovarian Cancer that is found in 3-4% of women, Leukemia which is a cancer of white blood cells, and much more which can be known if you consult an oncologist online.

Treatments offered by Vanya Health Hospitals

  • Oncology - treatments related to Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Blood Cancer, and more are offered.
  • Organ transplant – Liver Transplant, Kidney transplant and Bone Marrow Transplant.
  • Cardiology – it consists of CABG, AVD/VSD closure, pediatric cardiac procedures and similar treatments
  • Orthopedics – patients related to Hip replacement, Knee Replacement, Spine troubles and other bone, muscles or ligament issues are treated.
  • IVF/Gynae – IVF, IUI, and other infertility patients along with gynecological problems are treated.
  • Neurology – issues related to Spine, Brain and more are taken care of.
  • Nephrology – Nephrology care and treatments are also rendered.
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