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Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney Transplant in India is basically a surgical treatment method in which the specialists replace the dysfunctional kidney with a functioning one extracted from a living or deceased donor. The transplanted kidney performs the function of the failed kidneys that have failed to function properly so that the patient can be taken off dialysis and live a healthy life. Kidneys are somewhat bean-shaped organs that exist on both sides of the spine just below the rib cage. Their main work is to filter and eliminate the presence of excessive waste, and fluid by producing urine and minerals. Kidney specialists in India recommend its transplantation only when the kidneys fail to filter these wastes and then lead to the accumulation of harmful levels of fluid and waste aggregation in the body. This can cause a spike in your blood pressure causing kidney failure at the end. Kidney transplant surgeons in India replace the old kidney with a new one in the lower abdomen and the artery and vein of the new kidneys are connected to the ones in the patient’s body. However, it might take some time for it to start functioning normally.

Talking about kidney transplants in India, it could be quite tiresome to wait for a new kidney that matches the patients and the process takes too much time. Most of the time, the transplanted kidneys are offered by family members or it comes from deceased donors.

Around 2 lakh patients here are in line hoping for organ donation and the availability of donors is just 15,000. As per the data of the Ministry of Health, the annual need for kidneys falls between 2-3 Lakh but there are just 6,000 transplants possible in reality considering the low number of donors. The big gap between the demand and availability of the kidneys has forced the government to push deceased donor or cadaver donations. The statistics given by the Indian Transplant Registry (a non-governmental initiative by the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation) states that out of the 21,395 kidneys that were transplanted in our country between 1971 and 2015, only 783 belonged to a cadaver or deceased donors. The reason behind this is the lack of proper knowledge and awareness in the family members of the patients.

Considering the fact that India is indeed the diabetic capital of the world, an increase in diabetes patients is also responsible for the increase in the number of Chronic Kidney Disease patients. The need for dialysis and kidney transplant arises all of a sudden as most of the patients enduring kidney problems appear at a later stage, therefore leaving no other choice. Post kidney transplant is one of the biggest concerns for the patients and they need to know thoroughly about the importance of post-transplant care. Any sort of negligence in the aftercare can endanger the life of the patient. However, they can always consult nephrologists online and seek guidance about this process and recover better.

Kidney transplant procedure followed by the best Nephrologists in India:

A kidney transplant can only be carried out if a matching kidney is found for the patient from an alive or cadaveric donor. The kidney transplant surgeon in India operates on the patient awaiting treatment after putting him under general anesthesia. The entire medical team consisting of specialists, nurses and anesthetists examine various other factors associated with the patient like its blood oxygen level, blood pressure and heart rate during the transplant procedure. The actual procedure of kidney transplant involves the following steps:

  • The process begins by making an incision on the lower part of the abdomen on the one side and the kidney is installed inside. Please note that the dysfunctional kidneys aren’t removed until and unless they generate any sort of disturbances in the patient’s body like pain, infections, kidney stones or hypertension. They are left as it is.
  • Once the kidney transplant in India is done, the patient is kept in the hospital for observation and recovery for some time. They require various check-ups and follow-ups after they have been out of surgery to ensure that no further complications arise. They also need medications like immunosuppressants and antibiotics that are needed for the rest of their lives.
  • The ureter tube, that performs the task of carrying the urine from the kidney into the bladder for storage, from the new kidney is stitched to the patient’s bladder.
  • The blood vessels from the new kidneys are connected to the blood vessels lying in the lower part of the abdomen and right above the legs.
Kidney Transplant Specialist in India

How can VanyaHealth help you with Kidney Transplant in India?

Due to the increasing number of kidney transplant surgery in India, medical tourism is expanding potentially over the past few years in India and because of that, you will get low-cost treatment for the same here. With a large aggregation of kidney transplant specialists in India, this process hasn’t just become affordable but quite convenient for the people. This is why a large number of patients from all over the world come in search of kidney transplant doctors in India. Vanya Health is an esteemed name in medical tourism which is associated with the best nephrologists in India that facilitate unsurpassable transplant services for the patients. By choosing VanyaHealth as a conduit to get in touch with the online nephrology doctors in India, you’ll be able to look for a suitable place to get treated along with sparing yourself the struggle to search for everything on your own. Here are some of the advantages that you can avail of with VanyaHealth:

  • We’ll offer you the most convenient ways to get a consultation from nephrologists online. International patients only need to find a related donor with themselves.
  • Apart from the low-cost advantage, the medical facilities and expertise provided by the finest kidney treatment doctors and staff members are never compromised.
  • You’ll be put in touch with some of the greatest minds in the medical field that are involved in the Kidney transplantation industry and the risk of aftercare services will be heavily minimized.
  • Your needs, severity of the treatment, recovery facilities offered by the kidney transplant hospitals in India and the kind of technology used to provide care to the patient are considered by us before recommending the right hospital to you.
  • As one of the best MVT companies in India , VanyaHealth is concerned with offering unsurpassable services to its patients and in that quest, its operations are not just restricted to the medical services. They also take care of the staying facilities required by the person attending the patient or the patient itself during the recovery period.
  • By reducing the waiting time for you, VanyaHealth not just increases your chances of survival but also limits the mental trauma and suffering that involves looking for a potential donor, living or deceased.
  • VanyaHealth adopts all the modern technologies and advanced facilities in order to provide consultation and guidance to its patients no matter where they are. You can get connected with a surgeon within a matter of a few minutes using their online services.

So if you are looking for a medical tourism company then know that VanyaHealth is here for you brimful of all varieties of medical facilities and guidance that is needed to treat your condition and for the best kidney transplant in India.

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