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Anterior cruciate ligament tear or ACL is a knee injury that is observed in people playing sports and performing plenty of physical activities. This condition can be easily treated by following proper Orthopedic Treatment in India. It is a very common knee injury for athletes playing basketball, soccer, volleyball and football. Sometimes people who have been actively working some risky jobs that require jumping, pivoting and climbing may also experience a knee injury.  This condition can be easily treated through medications or surgery, which will be decided based on the severity of the injury.

Experiencing ACL tear 

Damage caused to the ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament placed at the knee center is called ACL tear. There are two categories of an ACL tear that are:

  • Partial ACL tear where the ligament is partially torn and damaged.
  • Total ACL tear occurs when the anterior cruciate ligament is completely damaged and is ripped into two pieces. 

When you experience an ACL tear you might hear a pop sound, experience knee collapse and feel the ligament tear. Immediately the damaged knee will start showing symptoms of swelling. Consult the Best orthopedic in India immediately to diagnose and treat the issue. 

What is the anterior cruciate ligament?

The band of tough tissues holding the bones and organs in their proper place is known as ligament. Cruciate is the term used for the double ligaments located in the knee and placed in the shape of a cross. Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the cross-shaped ligament located on the front end of the knee. The ACL is one of the important ligaments that connects the shin bone with the thigh bone. 

Types of ACL tears 

The doctors will classify the knee injury into three stages according to the severity. 

  1. Grade one: In this stage, the ligament is stretched a little bit and still it performs the knee stabilizing job without any interruption. 
  2. Grade Two: The injury is termed stage two when the ligament is stretched and also at the same lost its elasticity. The ligament might be torn partially and this is a very rare condition. 
  3. Grade Three: When the ligament is torn separately into two pieces, it is the stage three category. This is considered the most painful and severe form of a knee injury that needs to be treated immediately by highly qualified surgeons in Top Orthopedic Hospitals in India. 

Symptoms of ACL tears

  • You might hear a pop sound and feel the ligament damage immediately. 
  • You will also experience penetrative pain in the injured knee. 
  • Once the knee is injured it starts to swing along with the pain, which will last for a few weeks. 
  • You will find it difficult to move the knee without any complications. 
  • A feeling of discomfort will be experienced with every step you take. 

Tests and Diagnoses performed

Immediately after the injury, your doctor will be recommending certain tests to check the real reasons for further pain. The doctor will be asking a few questions about the injury, the pain, your medical condition and any past health issues.  

An X-ray will be taken to check if there is any breakage or fracture in the bones. The knee with ligament tear will be examined by comparing it with the other normal knee, which can help in detecting accurately the ACL injury. 

An MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan will probably be recommended. The images from this scan will clearly show the ligaments torn condition after the knee injury. This might be done only if it is necessary for the diagnosis process. 

Treatments for an ACL tear 

One important thing that you need you immediately perform after the injury is the R.I.C.E therapy.  

  • The letter ‘R’ means that you should take plenty of rest without any movements creating pressure on the ligaments  
  • The letter ‘I’ represents ice packs. During the first few days, you must use ice packs to minimize the pain and swelling.
  • Compression can help in providing stability to the knee and also minimizing the swelling. Wrap the injured knee snugly with the Compression bandage to avoid any mobility. 
  • Elevation of the injured knee is recommended to reduce the pain and swelling after the injury. It helps in draining the fluid accumulated in the knee and speed up the process of healing. 

When does the knee injury require surgery?

ACL surgery is recommended when the tear is severe and requires repair. During the surgical procedure, the reconstructing is performed by Grafting tendon harvested from your body such as the or the kneecap tendon or hamstring tendon. In some cases, cadaver tendons taken from a dead person’s body can also be used to repair the issue but this is avoided in young athletes. As there are chances for the cadaver tendons to re-tear once again.

How is the ACL injury surgery performed?

The surgical process of ACL tear requires minimal puncturing or cutting with sharp instruments. Surgeons will not make a large cut in incision but they use an arthroscopic tool to make smaller knee incisions to mend the injury. You can always seek a Second Opinion on Orthopedic Treatment and surgery before confirming the dates for the operation. 

Postoperative care 

Once the surgery is completed ensure that you keep the wound dry and clean until it heals. You can use the ice pack for reducing the pain and swelling. Crutches and braces might be used for supporting the torn ligament.

Doctors will recommend physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the muscles, knee and tendons around the injured knee. Initially, the specialist will guide you in performing simple exercises with the gentle movement for strengthening the sprained parts of the knee. Weight-bearing therapies help in relieving the pain and struggles during the Postoperative period. You will be allowed to perform balancing and strengthening exercises under the supervision of a caregiver and specialist. 

You can recover after the surgery in a 7 to 9 months period. If you are an athlete you will be able to return to physical and normal sports activities after 9 to 10 months of ACL tear surgery. Seek the guidance of Vanya Health Medical Tourism in India for consultation and best treatment from a skilled healthcare team. Good luck!

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