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Plastic surgery in India is a promising medical sector enriched with hope, because of its advanced technology and international quality Medical service experts. India is considered one of the amazing destinations for people seeking cosmetic enhancement treatments.

If you are searching for the best place for making corrections on any part of your body to improve its functionality or for optimising the level of your beauty and attractiveness, then India could be your ultimate destination.

Benefits of Plastic surgery in India

Boosting confidence

Plastic surgery provides a wide range of benefits for patients. It helps in boosting confidence and self-esteem in people struggling with deformed body parts. The patients will be able to face the world with hope and positivity.  

Best expert medical services 

India possesses an excellent network of international quality Medical hospitals and wonderful teams of experienced and highly qualified Plastic surgeons. They have great exposure to the advancements made in Plastic surgery treatment procedures and huge experience to provide the best service. India is known for the best hospitals that offer fantastic features, advanced technology and facilities performed by experts.  


The Medical Value Travel in India offers valuable guidance for tourists traveling to India for medical purposes. They help the tourists to assess quality plastic surgery treatment done by highly talented and experienced surgeons from reputed hospitals. However, if you are new to plastic surgery, then you must pick the best plastic surgeon for availing of the best cosmetic treatment. Choosing the best doctors is inevitable as even with the best equipment and ultimate hospitals you can receive perfect surgery only if the surgeon is well qualified and skilled. We have shortlisted the top 8 tips for choosing a quality plastic surgeon. 

When is plastic surgery required?

  • Plastic surgery is considered the best option to repair the following health conditions:
  • Some children are born with certain types of abnormalities such as birthmarks, webbed fingers or palate and cleft lip. 
  • To repair the damages and scars in the body that are caused by surgery performed to remove the cancer-causing cells. 
  • Extensive burns and injuries.
  • Improve the person's life quality, confidence and self-esteem. 

Plastic surgery techniques

  • Tissue expansion is a process where the tissue surrounding is stretched to help the skin grow for reconstruction in the affected areas. 
  • Skin grafting is the surgery where the healthy part of the skin is removed from the body to replace damaged or lost skin layers.
  • Skin flap surgery is a surgical procedure where a portion of tissue along with the blood vessels to keep the tissues healthy and alive are placed in another damaged area of the body for a speedy recovery. 
  • Fat grafting is another method to remove fat tissue from one part of the body to another part to repair uneven layers. 
  • Camouflage cream or makeup is also performed by a skilled plastic surgeon. 

Immediately contact your healthcare team if you experience bleeding, swelling, pain, discomfort, or any other side effects after surgery.

Tips for choosing the best plastic  surgeon

1. Analyse the patients 

The first thing you need to concentrate on is to perform a thorough search and analysis of the surgeon before choosing the best. You should gather information about the surgeon through their former and existing patients in that particular field of surgical treatments. Pick the best surgeon based on their qualifications and experience. Carefully analyse by discussing with real patients reviews to get a clear picture about the surgeon. 
Avoid searching for doctors based on their fee structure. This is because not all the expensive surgeons are the best and not all the affordable ones are less expertise in their respective fields. 

2. Virtual platforms 

Virtual platforms like Vanya Health are rich with quality information about every Plastic Surgeon in India and globally. Social media is a very powerful media that shares knowledge and valuable information. It is hard to explore and visit every people who have undergone similar plastic surgery in the past. Social media has multiple portals with real customer reviews about the skills, caring nature and experience of the surgeon. There might be honest reviews regarding the pros and cons of the surgeon. Relax and read these reviews for obtaining better insight into the surgeon and the hospital. 

Qualification of the plastic surgeon

One important thing to check is the qualification of the surgeon. Check if he or she is eligible for performing plastic surgery procedures. You can see if they have completed a degree or short fellowship courses in this medical field. Then, make your decision to choose the best.

Practical experience 

More than the qualification or degrees, the one vital thing to consider is the experience of the surgeon. There are plenty of doctors who might be good in theory but practical treatment experience is the key to a good surgery. Therefore, do your research to find a plastic surgeon with vast knowledge and valuable experience. 

Consultations with the surgeon

Once you have shortlisted top surgeons, get an appointment and Consult a Plastic Surgery Specialist in India. You can book appointments with as many surgeons as you have shortlisted. Never allow them to pressurise you to book surgery dates immediately, but take time before making a final decision. During the consultation sessions, you will be able to get a clear idea about the surgeon and his experience, knowledge and approach to the surgery, which are equally important factors. Talk with them about their past surgery patients, experiences and also the risks involved. 

Portfolio Of the surgeon 

You can also ask for the portfolio of the surgical procedures that they have performed in the past. Research this portfolio and check the results for more detailed evidence. But, remember that the procedures might change in your particular cases with a different outcome. Enquire About the risk factors involved in Plastic surgery and see if they are honest in their responses. 

Choose the best hospital

Yes, it is vital to get your plastic surgery done from well-established hospitals with advanced technologies and equipped with the latest modern equipment for performing the procedures. But, at the same time choosing the best surgeon team is more important for a successful treatment. 

Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified Doctors and surgeons in India can guide you through your journey towards international quality healthcare services and lead you to the best plastic surgeon. Good luck!

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