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If you are a cancer survivor who has gone through a rough path trying to live a normal life after cancer treatment in India, then you might be facing certain issues. Though it is now time for relaxation, you may be struggling with mixed feelings of anxiety and stress.

We would want to assure you that the mood swings that you are experiencing are normal. It is because not only your body is recovering from cancer but also your mind taking time to heal from the trauma it has gone through. Take a few minutes to ponder over this phase and understand your mind, to recover sooner and healthier.

We have discussed a few vital symptoms of mood swings that you might experience after cancer treatment and tips to overcome them easily.  

Cancer Recurrence fear

Every person who has just recovered from cancer will be having a fear of cancer recurring again. Though you know the fact that there are chances for the cancer signs to never occur for years, still the thought of recurrence will always be haunting your mind.

Every time you have some pain or aches your mind will automatically start thinking that it might be symptoms of cancer recurrence. It is essential to identify and accept your fear, instead of feeling guilty or ignoring the fear. Consult with your doctor about steps you need to follow to minimise the risk of recurrence.  

  • Focus on including a healthy Diet and Nutrition to keep your body and mind fit. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. 
  • Follow a proper exercise routine regularly.  Discuss with your doctors and specialists before starting any type of exercise program. Gradually increase the intensity of exercises according to your comfort level and health conditions. 
  • Another important aspect that makes your mind relax is plenty of sound sleep.

These are the few factors that will rejuvenate your soul, keep your mind calm and give control over your fear.

Go to all the follow-up appointments without any doubts or fear. Utilize this time to ask about all your concerns and discuss your feelings with your doctor. Be aware of the risks, signs and symptoms of recurrence to be watchful. 

Start going out and participating in social activities that will keep your mind relaxed and free from fear. You can also seek support from Vanya health for counseling sessions to face your fears with a positive approach. 


When you were physically diagnosed with cancer, your focus on life changed to stay healthy. Once the treatment process has been completed, now you are once again facing the realities of life. You will be pressurised by the bills and commitments, which cannot be avoided. You might be feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of the anxiety and emotional issues you are experiencing.

Relax, and never think that you need to sort the whole issue immediately.  Take the ample amount of time you need, before returning to your daily activities safely and successfully. Start including Exercise after the treatment and also other fun activities with your loved ones. Strengthen your body and mind to be able to face the challenges of life with confidence. 


In case the stress and anxiety are lingering and interfering with your everyday life, then you might be developing depression. It is very important to never neglect the symptoms of depression and immediately seek help through therapies and medications. You can enjoy your period of healing by overcoming depression.

Embrace the changes with confidence

You have gone through so many struggles during the cancer surgery and therapy procedures. The treatments might have caused some changes to your body, which can make you feel conscious of your appearance. 

You might be experiencing changes in the color of your skin, weight loss, or ostomy placement that can make you weak and withdrawn from your loved ones. These factors make you feel unworthy of affection, which can disturb the relationship with your life partner, family and friends. 

Take care of your mental health and focus on your strength.  You have overcome the pain with so much courage. Embrace the scars, never be ashamed of the changes and be confident with yourself. 


After the cancer treatments, you might be feeling that no one can understand the pain and struggles that you have gone through. Therefore, you will isolate yourself from others feeling lonely. Your family and friends may not be sure about your situation and are clueless about the ways to help you, but they do care for your wellbeing. 

You can join a group or virtual community with other people who have been diagnosed with cancer and gone through the treatments. Consult with Medical value travel in India for the best therapists for counseling and dealing with mood swings and emotions. You can also be a living witness to people diagnosed with cancer by sharing your recovery journey and motivating them to never give up. Offer your expertise to those patients going through treatments and help them through the process with hope, strength and positivity. 

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