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Knee surgery is a procedure done to restore mobility and quality of life, so it’s very crucial to keep the patient-guided and motivated during and after the surgery.

After successful knee surgery, it’s essential to follow the directions of the expert orthopedic surgeon, otherwise one gets to face many undesirable challenges, leading to difficulty in walking, exercising, etc.

In this article we will discuss the do’s and don’ts after knee surgery, that will help you in your path to recovery.

Importance of exercises post knee surgery

The most prevalent rules after knee surgery are exercise and activities within limits of distress at least for a period of 4 to 6 months from the date of operation, exercises are indispensable to build tissues (muscles) around the knee joint so that the knee joint is unloaded by the muscle power.

A set of exercises specially designed for knee surgery by an expert physiotherapist has to be followed. Walking within the restraints of pain is certainly fine, work as long as your keens allow you.

After knee surgery, squatting, sitting on the floor in Padmasana (Lotus Pose), avoiding cross-leg position while sitting on a chair or floor, and using Indian toilet seats are completely not allowed as doing these kinds of movements puts a lot of pressure on your knees and can prove to be a huge hindrance in your path to recovery.

Once the tissues are strengthened, exercises involving knee movements and sitting could be done. Running, sprinting, slow jogging, heavy weight liftings exercises like leg curls, machine leg lifts, aerobics, and kickboxing should also be prevented after the knee surgery, for the reason that implants might wear out soon and the cement matrix beneath the implants might develop a fracture and will loosen the implants faster than they are anticipated to do. 

Else there are no prime restraints, patients are permitted to do cycling, walking, and swimming, and all exercises could be done without having substantial action at the knee joint.

Go for the follow-up to get updates about the recovery

People tend to forget to give a follow visit after getting their first orthopedic treatment in India, as soon as the patient feels normal after the surgery.

But it is highly advised to get your reports checked by an orthopedic expert online because after ten to fifteen years the knee replacement becomes loose from the bone, and they don’t last forever. So after getting your first orthopedic treatment in India, don’t forget this very important step.

With the help of the X-ray and physical examination of your knee, the surgeon would be able to tell if there is any chance of early loosening that can happen.

Folks tend to play sports that require prompt movements

It is not advised to play sports that require quick movements of the whole body. Sports like football, badminton, basketball, sprinting, and cricket require quick movements, so it’s advised to prevent yourself from playing such sports.

Nevertheless, you can play golf and doubles tennis, and you can walk as much as you can, as these activities require less prompt movements of the knee joints, these easy exercises will not only help you recover fast but will also help you stay fit.

Follow these instructions for faster recovery

Post knee replacement surgeries, according to the orthopedic surgeon of the top hospital in India, it’s always encouraged to keep the ankle mobile, in sense, to keep the ankle moving up and down, after the knee surgery, it’s called ankle pumping movement.

While lying on the bed, after knee surgery, if the patient is capable enough, then they should keep moving the ankle.

The next is that they have to sit at the edge of the bed/chair/couch and keep bending their knee as much as possible and trying to make it straight.

Take care of the dressing

Post-knee replacement surgery, the patient should not wet the dressing, if there is waterproof dressing, it doesn’t matter. If the patient himself feels that there’s a soakage then they should immediately give a visit or at least consult the best orthopedic in India.

The patient should resist using stairs with the operated leg, if they have got one leg operated then they can use the other leg to climb stairs. In case both knees are operated then they are not supposed to use stairs for around three weeks. 

People who undergo dental procedures after knee replacement surgery

When you go through dental procedures like root canal therapy, and dental filling, then no doubt there is a direct communication of the bacteria which are in the mouth with the bloodstream, and these bacteria can go through the bloodstream and form colonies and grow around the operated knee area.

So if you are about to undergo a dental procedure, then do inform your dentist about your surgery, so that they would give you some antibiotics to prevent any infection from taking place.

Medical Tourism in India

People from all around the globe come to India to consult with the best orthopedic surgeons. For more than a decade, folks from many countries have been coming to India for healthcare. In 2019, more than six lakh medical tourists visited India. So, when people from other countries come to India to take health care services, it is known as medical tourism.

India offers the best quality treatment at low costs. People come to India from countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, the United States, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. to get the best treatment from top orthopedic hospitals, and for getting other treatments like chemotherapy in case of cancer as well.


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