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Hepatitis A is a very contagious infection caused in the liver by the hepatitis A virus. People infected by this virus will experience mild sickness that can last for a few days or even months according to the severity. You need to Consult Liver Specialist in India for healing this medical condition with proper medications and treatments. The person affected by the hepatitis A virus is safe as the effects of the disease go away in a few days or weeks. But, in some cases, hepatitis A can prolong for months or longer. Therefore, you must take good care of your health and recover earlier. 

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

Inflammation is caused in the liver because of the hepatitis A virus. Children and few people do not show any visible symptoms and signs. Others will be having any of the following symptoms:

  • Jaundice with yellow color skin and eyes
  • Dark colored urine 
  • Stomach pain
  • Appetite loss 
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching sensation 
  • Vomiting 
  • Fever 
  • Pains penetrative through the joints 
  • Poop in Pale-colour
  • Fatigue 

Usually, these Hepatitis A Symptoms will fade away after two to three months. But some patients might experience any of the above symptoms for around 6 to 7 months period. 
These problems tend to go away after about 2 months but might keep coming back for up to 6 months. You can be a carrier of the virus and spread it, even before you experience these symptoms. 

Causes of Hepatitis A virus

  • When you eat foods or drink water that has been contaminated by a patient with this virus, you become vulnerable to the disease. 
  • Consuming vegetables, fruits or other types of foods that are prepared or handled by a patient infected by the virus. 
  • When raw shellfish grown in virus-contaminated water is eaten by a person, he will be easily infected by the hepatitis A virus immediately.
  • If you have unprotected sex with a person contaminated by the virus. 
  • When you touch your nose or mouth after touching any object contaminated by the virus.

People who are highly Risky of the virus infection are the following:

  • If you get closely connected to a person who has the hepatitis A virus infection in their body. 
  • When you are visiting a certain country where the hepatitis A virus is spreading, you are at high risk. 
  • People consume drugs and medications without consulting with doctors. 
  • People are affected by certain types of diseases like HIV and blood clotting disorder. 

Diagnosis of hepatitis A virus 

Doctors will be diagnosing the patients by asking about the signs and symptoms. They will check the levels of liver enzymes in the blood and if the results are high, then more blood tests will be recommended. During the Hepatitis A Treatment in India, blood tests will be done to check traces of immunoglobulin M or IgM antibodies, which are produced in blood during the initial stages of the hepatitis A virus.
The presence of IgG is also checked in the blood. These antibodies are responsible for protecting your body cells from being infected by the hepatitis  A virus. If the blood test shows the existence of IgG antibodies, then it means that you have been vaccinated or infected by the hepatitis A virus in the past. 

Treatment options for Hepatitis A virus 

Hepatitis A virus cannot be removed completely from your body once it has been detected. Only the symptoms will be analysed and treated as a supporting measure.  Liver Specialists in India will constantly analyse and check the functioning of the liver, to confirm the process of healing. 

Tips to recover quickly

  • You should take rest and sleep without any interruption. This will keep the energy level of your body stabilised. 
  • When infected by the hepatitis A virus you might feel Nauseous and find it difficult to eat. Therefore, you should start eating small portions of food and drinking plenty of water, milk or fresh juices to keep your body hydrated. 
  • Stay away from alcohol, because it can cause more damage to the liver. 

If you follow the proper instructions of your doctor and the above tips you will recover sooner. As this disease rarely causes any health-related complications, drink plenty of fluids and keep your body hydrated and eat a healthy diet for a speedy recovery. 

Hepatitis A virus vaccination

Hepatitis A Vaccination is the best option for keeping both adults and children healthy and free from viral infections. Vaccines are effective for up to 20 years period. The vaccine is the best option for travelers, children above 1-year-old, for patients with a blood clotting disorder and liver diseases. Vanya Health Medical value travel company is an excellent host for patients across the globe to find international quality Medical services, highly qualified Doctors and advanced technology treatment for hepatitis A virus in India.

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