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The laboratory tests that are mainly performed to check if you are at risk of renal failure are blood tests, urine tests, and imaging tests, also known, as ultrasound, and testing the kidney tissue.

In this blog, we will discuss all the major laboratory tests done prior to chronic kidney disease treatment in India and, the best ways to consult kidney specialists from the top kidney hospitals in India online.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Let’s start our discussion with a brief introduction to what chronic kidney disease is all about. Chronic kidney disease (CKD), is a gradual loss of renal function typically developing over the course of months or years. Many conditions, both within and outside the kidneys, can cause progressive damage to the kidneys over time, leading to CKD. An acute renal injury, if not completely resolved, may also become chronic kidney disease. 

Doctors use the following to assess kidney disease:

  • Glomerular filtration rate (GFR): A blood test that measures how effectively your kidneys are filtering your blood.
  • A urine examination to detect albumin. When the kidneys don't work properly, albumin might leak into the urine.

The same two tests will be used by your doctor if you have the renal disease to monitor your condition and make sure your treatment strategy is effective.

Let’s try to understand the tests in detail.

Blood test:
Your doctor will perform a blood test to examine the health of your kidneys. The test's findings indicate the following:

  • A GFR of Sixty or above is within the usual range.
  • If your GFR is below sixty, you might have renal disease. Discuss how to maintain this level of kidney health with your doctor.
  • Kidney failure is defined as a GFR of fifteen or fewer. Below these criteria, your doctor may recommend doing regular dialysis or going for a kidney transplant.
  • Creatinine is a waste product produced by your body's regular breakdown of muscles. It is eliminated from your blood through the kidneys. Your blood's concentration of creatinine helps the doctor to determine your GFR. Creatinine levels raise as the renal disease worsens.

Urine Test:
Your doctor may examine your urine for the presence of albumin (Albuminuria) if you are at risk for renal disease.

  • Blood contains the protein albumin. If your kidneys are working properly, there’s no way albumin can pass into the urine. Some albumin can leak into the urine as a result of renal failure. It’s good if the presence of albumin in your urine is less.
  • Your doctor could ask you to repeat this test once or twice more if albumin was detected to validate the results. 
  • Your kidney specialist can assign treatment for you if you have the renal disease by checking the presence of albumin in the urine. If the level of urine albumin remains constant or declines, assigned treatment may be effective.

Ultrasound (Imaging exam):
To evaluate the structure and size of your kidneys, your doctor could utilize ultrasound. In some situations, different imaging tests could be employed.

Taking a kidney tissue sample for analysis:
A kidney biopsy, which includes taking a sample of kidney tissue, may be advised by your doctor. A long, thin needle is pushed through your skin and into your kidney during a kidney biopsy procedure under local anesthetic. The biopsy sample is sent to a lab for analysis to assist diagnose the kidney issue you are having.

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