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Once you get done with the heart transplant in India, as a patient you are required to follow a healthy routine beneficial for your heart along with undergoing certain lifestyle changes. After the transplant procedure is done, the patient is diagnosed as an out-patient and he has to undergo various tests that will determine the recovery stage along with helping the prevention of the transplanted heart from getting rejected. On top of it, several evaluation tests are also recommended to ascertain the health of the heart. The patient is also asked to visit the hospital regularly so that the experts can monitor the progress and prescribe a new medication or eliminate the old ones. On the clinic days, it gets a bit tiring for the patient to move around and that is why they are entitled to the aid of a wheelchair to move around. 

In order to live a normal life after heart surgery in India, the patients have always had to take some precautions. 75% of patients who have had heart transplants live up to 10 years and 85% of them return to their normal work life after surgery. Here are the following points that are needed to be kept in mind to ensure a faster recovery recommended by the best cardiologists in India:

  • Taking medications regularly: After the transplant procedure is done, there are several medicines prescribed by the doctor that make sure that your newly transplanted heart doesn’t get rejected by the body. So that medicines must be taken at the scheduled time without any gapping between the doses. 
  • Strictly follow the doctor’s advice: The patient must be taken to the doctor’s on a regular basis or as per the decided schedule. If any problem arises with the patient or any sign of heart rejection shows up like feeling tired or weak, fever or chills, shortness of breath, fast or irregular heartbeat etc then make an appointment with the cardiologist immediately and get it checked out. 
  • Take a proper diet: A person who went through a heart transplant in India must consume a proper diet that must be inclusive of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The doctors most often recommend a low-sodium and low-sugar diet, to prevent any further health issues in the patient in the future. Your doctor will put an outline of the diet that you need to follow along with the particular details that you need to know for maintaining good health. 
  • Workout on a daily basis: Apart from medication and other dietary factors for keeping your heart healthy and to avoid any unwanted weight gain, the patient is recommended to do regular exercises. It is very crucial to get in touch with your doctor regarding the workout routine and what exercises will be suitable.


The Changes in your Exercise Regime due to Heart Transplant 

Exercises are considered as a way to help in training the transplanted heart but there are always some restrictions that need to be followed while working out. It is very important to maintain the exercise routine as suggested by the physical therapist once the transplant has been done. It must be noted that the new heart might take some time to respond to the exercise after undergoing heart surgery in India. After the healing period gets over and after your doctor approves, the patient can start exercising once again on a regular basis. 

Lifestyle changes after Heart Transplant:

  • The dishes in which the patient eats do not need to be sterilized.

  • You can launder your bed linen on a regular basis and it does not need to be changed daily.

  • There are no threats of catching diseases from the pets with an exception of toxoplasmosis, which is found specifically in cat feces and the patient is advised not to change the kitty litter boxes.

  • There’s a limit on indoor or outdoor activities because of the potential physical injury or the weakness that the patient still has to recover. There are also certain limitations that apply in situations where extreme pressure changes are involved such as flying in unpressurized cabins, gliding, hand gliding, and scuba diving. Considering the physiologic response of the denervated heart is not similar to the normal one, the unavailability of the normal reflexes might be detrimental to health in these activities.

  • After heart surgery in India for transplant, Swimming in clean pools or the ocean can be an excellent form of exercise along having a relaxing hot bath is also suggested after full recovery. After that your public’s appearance isn’t restricted anymore and you can freely visit the movies, sports events, parties, etc.

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