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Menopause is a natural health condition that indicates the fact that the regular menstrual periods of a woman have come to an end. When the ovaries terminate the production of sex hormones menopause occurs. Women are prone to urinary infections and other health issues during this stage. Top urologists in India are highly efficient in diagnosing and treating urinary tract infection issues faced by women during menopause stages in their life.

This condition usually comes with symptoms like mood swings, dryness in the vagina, and hot flashes. Menopause can also occur when the functionality of ovaries is stopped due to various health issues or because of surgical removal of ovaries. 

Menopause explained 

Menopause occurs when the reproduction hormones start declining their production naturally. This condition can happen at age of 40 and above in a women’s life. The symptoms begin to show usually three to four years before menopause, as changes occur with levels of estrogen hormones start dropping. 

Symptoms of menopause 

Women are confused about the symptoms and as old age nears, they feel anxious. We have shortlisted a few vital symptoms of menopause that you need to understand and be prepared for.

  • Monthly Periods become Irregular 
  • Dry sensation in the vagina 
  • Chills
  • Hot flashes 
  • Mood swings
  • Disturbances in sleeping routine 
  • Start gaining extra weight with decreased metabolism 
  • Dry itchy skin
  • Hairfall
  • Breathing problems.

Menopause and urinary tract infections 

As women age and experience menopause symptoms, they start noticing some changes in their vagina, sex life, pain while urinating and hot flashes. There are diverse changes seen in the urinary tract of the woman because of less production of oestrogen. 

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Menopause and Urinary Tract

The elasticity and volume of a bladder start to weaken, during the menopause period in a woman. With age, the walls of the vagina weaken and the urinary bladder starts losing its elasticity and volume. This might be the reason for your frequent visits to the bathroom. 

The incapacitated vagina allows an increased concentration of bacteria within the genital areas. The urethra shrinks and becomes thin, which allows the deposited bacteria to easily reach the urinary bladder. Women going through the menopause stages are thus often affected by urinary tract infections.  

Reasons for urinary tract infections during menopause 

Urinary infections are commonly observed in women going through menopause stages. The infections can spread to the urethra and in severe conditions can affect the kidney too. The medical experts and experienced doctors can help you find the best Second Opinion Medical Service for your reference. We have discussed the reasons for urinary infections in women with menopause conditions.

1. Hormonal imbalance 

Major changes happen during the months leading to menopause and this could be due to hormonal changes. Estrogen is the primary hormone secreted by the ovaries for maintaining good health conditions for the reproduction organs. 

This hormone is responsible for keeping the women’s vagina stretchy, moisturized and healthy with good blood circulation. Since there is a decrease in estrogen secretion it can cause dryness and thinness of the vagina, which increases the chances of urinary infections. 

2. Urine leakage

Another uncomfortable symptom you might experience because of menopause is leakage of urine droplets. The pelvic area muscles become weak during the menopause stages and it can cause various health problems.

Suddenly you might experience leakage of droplets of urine when you are performing certain physical activities like heavy lifting, exercising, coughing, walking, laughing, or any movements creating pressure on the urinary bladder. This causes urinary infections in the genital areas, tract and kidney. 

3. Urinary retention

Women during their menopause stages can experience a health condition known as urinary retention. Urinary bladder functions as a storage unit for holding filtered urine from the kidney, which later passes through the urinary tract outside the body. Menopause causes reduced estrogen hormone secretions, which can affect the proper functioning of the urinary tract and its ability to control the urination process. Stagnation of urine in the bladder for a longer period can lead to urinary tract infections in women. 

4. Organ prolapse 

Prolapse of organs like the uterus, pelvic or kidney during menopause stages where these organs gradually move and descend from the original position can cause issues in the urinary tract and leads to incomplete emptying of the urine. The stagnant urine in the bladder can cause the growth of bacteria leading to urinary infections.

5. Other health issues

A woman going through menopause stages might also possess co-morbidities such as malnutrition, diabetes, irritable bowel symptoms, chronic anxiety, arthritis or heart diseases. Therefore, when women with menopause symptoms have other chronic health problems, they are more vulnerable to being affected by urinary tract infections. 

In case you observe the above-mentioned symptoms then you must Consult the best urologist in India to treat your condition. 
Tips to prevent urinary infections in menopause stages

  • At regular intervals, women need to empty their urinary bladder.
  • Estrogen cream can be used for keeping your vagina well moisturized, clean and fresh without any bacterial growth. However, you need to first discuss this with your gynecologist before taking any medications. 
  • During the menopause period, the co-morbidities need to be treated as well, to avoid urinary infections and other health issues. 
  • Water-soluble lubricants can be used to keep the vagina moisturized and clean.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself Hydrated. 


Menopause is a natural process and if you maintain good hygiene and follow healthy habits urinary infections can be avoided. Still, if you face any problems and symptoms, then you can seek help through Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company in India for consultation with the advanced team of experienced and highly qualified Urologists.

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