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The heart is the organ responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood to our organs and tissues while taking away the deoxygenated blood. The circulatory system of the body is comprised of blood, blood vessels (veins, arteries), and the heart.

Any irregularity in the working of the heart might upset our entire system. Your cardiologist may prescribe a range of therapeutic approaches, including medication, operation, healthy nutritional diet, and physical therapy.

In this blog, we will discuss all the major post-operative measures for cardiac patients, how to consult with the best cardiologist of the top cardiac hospitals in India, and all the major advice of the best doctors of the top heart institute in India.

Our thoughts immediately turn to bypass heart surgery whenever we listen about cardiac surgery. But that's not the only surgical treatment one may undergo. There are many invasive and non-invasive treatments for various cardiovascular problems and disorders.

Post-operative recommendations for cardiac patients

If you are a candidate for cardiac surgery, you may be concerned about your rehabilitation from the cardiac operation and what life will be like thereafter as it can be a difficult event. The following are some recommendations to observe when recuperating at home after a major cardiac surgery because everyone experiences different healing processes or postoperative problems.

Daily monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate
You can consult your cardiologist or use monitoring appliances at home to check your blood pressure and pulse. If you spot any variations from the usual range, you should let your doctor know.

Take medicines on time
Before releasing you from the hospital, your cardiologist may prescribe extra new medications and adjust the dosage of existing ones. Pay close attention to the doctor's advice and follow them accordingly.

Take care of the wound
Keep the wound clean and dry. Get in touch with your cardiologist right away if you observe any infection-related symptoms, including an increase in irritation, redness, discharge, fever, or an opening in the incision. The majority of incision infections develop after two weeks of cardiac surgery.

Keep a track of your weight
An abrupt increase in weight following surgery may be a sign of fluid retention, which could point to heart or kidney dysfunction. So, monitor your weight and let your cardiologist know at your follow-up visits.

Give follow-up visits to your doctor to get updates about the recovery
Always give follow-up visits to your cardiologist after your cardiac surgery so that your doctor may check on your heart condition. During these visits, your doctor might run several tests, take out stitches, and go over your drug regimen. You can attend the appointment with a list of your queries, a description of your symptoms, and a report of your pulse or blood pressure readings.

In case, you live abroad and come to India for your cardiac surgery, it’s recommended to give at least one follow-up visit to your doctor after your surgery. Rest you can rely on the Vanya health platform because we have made our website so user-friendly that you can easily use it to get consultations with the doctor online.

Follow the advice of your cardiologist diligently
Your doctor might give you some advice on how to recover more quickly, like:

  1. After having cardiac surgery, refrain from hard lifting for at least 7 to 8 weeks.
  2. Your doctor could advise against driving for at least four weeks.
  3. Avoid any activities that demand pushing, dragging, or lifting anything heavier than three kilos for the following four weeks.
  4. Sports like golf, baseball, tennis, and swimming that require a lot of shoulder mobility should be prevented.

Come back to your everyday routine steadily
Resuming a routine that can help your heart health, such as eating a healthy diet, doing modest exercise, decreasing your stress levels, and getting adequate sleep, should be done steadily.

Get yourself enrolled in a cardiac rehabilitation center
Post 3-4 weeks following surgery, your cardiologist might advise you to enroll in a cardiac rehabilitation program. You can enhance your health and recuperate from cardiac surgery with the aid of this program. Planning suitable activities, psychological assistance, and adopting lifestyle changes are all part of a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Take prompt action if needed
If you get headaches, vomiting, or discomfort in the jaw, neck, shoulder, or arm while you are healing, call your doctor right away.
Although healing from cardiac surgery can be gradual, you must give your body time to heal completely. Don't push yourself too hard; instead, stop when you start to feel fatigued, uncomfortable, or under pressure. When you push yourself too hard, the possibility of harm or postoperative problems increases.

Food to eat post-cardiac surgery
After the surgery, the appetite of the patient usually gets low, primarily because of the medications and anesthesia. As the patient starts recovering, his/her appetite also starts to increase. According to the top heart specialist in India, the patient should be given something to eat every two to three hours..

The patient should be given food with high fiber, and complex carbs instead of simple carbs, e.g. millet, oats, green vegetables, grains, etc.

Intake of protein in the form of nuts, sprouts, tofu, egg white, low-fat milk, low-fat paneer, etc. is a must. It aids in forming collagen and tissue recovery.


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