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One of the best forms of treatment, depending on the stage, for breast cancer is surgery. You may opt for breast-conserving surgery in particular circumstances. Only the cancerous breast tissue will be eliminated by the surgeon, leaving the healthy breast tissue intact. You might want to think about oncoplastic surgery because the procedure might alter the appearance of your breasts.

In this blog, we will discuss breast oncoplastic surgery in detail, the best oncologists to consult with specifically in India, and the best way to fix appointments with the best doctors of the top cancer hospitals in India.

About Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery is the term used to describe surgeries that reconstruct the breast while also undergoing cancer treatment surgery. The harmed tissue with cancer will be eliminated by the surgeon. Then, to address any deformities brought on by the cancer surgery, the oncologist surgeon or a plastic surgeon will do additional required procedures. Making both breasts look as comparable as feasible, can involve surgery.

How can oncoplastic surgery prove to be a life-saving grace for you?

Depending on the stage, you just need one surgery when treatment and reconstruction are combined in one course of action. There will only be one amelioration period for you, reducing the disturbance to your life. When surgery is performed with repair already planned, surgeons may be able to extract more tissue from the area around the cancerous growth, which may aid them in eliminating the tumor.

Discuss with your oncologist about the reconstruction procedure

You can talk to your surgeon regarding reconstruction methods before your breast cancer surgery. They will be able to demonstrate how they plan to remove cancer and how that will transform the appearance of the operated breast. Once you comprehend that, you may decide how to tackle your breast reconstruction the best, under the careful guidance of the concerned oncologist.

Know about Lumpectomy

Lumpectomy is the method used to eradicate the part damaged with cancer without removing the entire breast. Any cancerous tissue as well as a tiny quantity of the surrounding tissue will be eliminated by your surgeon. The tumor's size determines how much tissue must be evacuated. Your breasts may look dissimilar post the lumpectomy operation if reconstruction is not done.

The target of reconstruction is to make both breasts appear genuine, uniform, and consistent.

The impacted breast may appear significantly smaller after some lumpectomies. If this applies to you, you could opt to have both breasts reduced.

Your oncologist will perform a lumpectomy on the breast that is damaged, after which they will reshape your other breast to fit. Making a slit on the healthy breast and removing an equivalent quantity of tissue constitutes breast reduction. Your oncologist will make sure that all of the damaged tissues are eliminated and that your breasts are left uniform.

Similar to a breast reduction, a breast lift often includes taking less tissue out of the breast. When doing your lumpectomy, your surgeon will attempt to eliminate the least amount of tissue. Afterward, to optimize their uniformity, both breasts are reshaped.

Choose mastectomy if your case is severe

You might require a mastectomy rather than a lumpectomy if your cancer has spread far. A skin-sparing mastectomy protects your nipple and skin. After eliminating the underlying tissue, your surgeon will directly insert an implant inside your skin to restore your breast.

Your choice of oncoplastic surgery should be decided by the severity of cancer present in your breasts and the dimensions of your breasts. Queries regarding the best procedure for you can be settled by your chosen oncologist.

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Why do people select India for cancer treatment?

As mentioned above, India offers the best hospitals, advanced technology, and well-trained medical staff, all at reasonable prices. The top specialists in India offer a wide range of facilities including the treatments of various types of cancers, surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.


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