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The process of removing a segment of the liver or the entire liver due to certain medical issues is known as liver resection. Partial or full hepatectomy is another name for liver resection. There are excellent Liver Hospitals in India that provide premium quality healthcare services to patients struggling with the diseased liver. 
What is liver resection?

Liver resection is the process performed when a part of the liver is diseased or infected and the doctors cut to remove the infected portion from the rest of the healthy liver. Usually, the surgical procedure is done on the liver for removing tumors formed on its surface.  The liver resection process will surgically identify the tumors and remove them immediately. During the operation surgeons will completely remove the part of the liver that is damaged or infected with a tumor. At the same time, the tissues located in the areas surrounding the infected liver will also be removed as a precautionary step to terminate any further malignant tumor formation in the future. 

Functionality of liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in your body that contributes to maintaining good health. The liver is a vital organ that performs multiple functions such as the following-

  • Helps in removing products that degrade and affect the normal metabolism of the body.
  • Maintaining metabolism of toxins and drugs
  • Synthesis of essential enzymes and proteins.

Located in the Abdominal cavity is the Liver which is divided basically into eight groups reflecting the major divisions of the bile duct and portal vein.

Liver resection process goals

The liver resection process is performed by highly qualified surgeons to remove the tumor formed in the portions of the liver. Liver Specialists in India will completely remove the malignant tumors along with the infected tissues surrounding the tumor spreading portion of the liver. Only when the tumor cells and residues are removed surgically without any trace kept behind, the liver will start functioning properly without any complications.

Who are eligible for the liver resection?

Though the surgical procedure is a boon to those infected by cancerous or noncancerous tumors on their liver, it is not appropriate for all. The liver resection will be recommended by doctors only for patients who have been diagnosed with minimum numbers of small-sized tumors that are less than 3cm extensively. 

The patient should be having a healthily functioning liver other than that portion where the tumor is located. Ideally, it is considered that liver resection to be performed only on patients without any correlated cirrhosis. However, patients with tumors in the liver who are medically capable of the above-mentioned symptoms can only undergo the process of liver resection and Liver Transplant in India to be rejuvenated.

Risk Factors of liver resection 

Sometimes the patients undergoing liver resection treatment might develop failure of the remaining portions of the liver after the surgical procedure is completed. This could be considered the biggest risk factor faced by the patient.

Liver failure happens when the liver loses its capacity to function properly with the remaining portion after resection of the diseased liver portion. It may not have the full potential to provide support for living a healthy life. 

Regeneration of liver

Once a portion of the diseased liver is removed by the liver resection process, the remaining portions of the liver can regenerate and grow again to the size it was originally.  Regeneration of the liver will happen within 4 to 5 weeks period.

Patients with hepatitis conditions or alcoholism may be affected by cirrhosis disease and will be having health issues like tissue thickening and inflammation etc. Therefore, if they undergo a liver resection process the remaining portion of the liver will not regenerate. In severe cases where the whole liver is infected, a liver transplant is recommended by doctors for the removal of the diseased liver and implantation of the healthy donor's liver.

Doctors will perform a biopsy test by sending a small portion taken from the remaining liver that is not infected with a tumor. If the test confirmed the existence of cirrhosis, then the patient will be considered not eligible for the liver resection process. This is because a cirrhosis liver does not have the potential to regenerate or grow back. You can Consult Liver Specialists in India Online through the Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company represents the best healthcare professionals and highly experienced surgeons.

Survival rates of liver resection

Depending on the type and size of the tumor present in the liver, 50% of patients will enjoy a healthy five or more years of survival. Other factors hindering the regeneration process is HCC and cirrhosis disease. Liver cancer patients are expected to live up to five years after the resection. 

However, the cancerous tumors be recurring once again in other portions of the liver. The patients need to visit the doctor consistently to keep watch over the recurrence of any tumors. 
Earlier the tumor is detected easier it will be to maintain good health. Vanya health Medical Tourism Company guides desperate patients to avail themselves of premium healthcare facilities from the best hospitals and highly qualified Doctors who are offering excellent liver resection treatment at an affordable rate.


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