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One of the deadliest diseases today, the word cancer is enough to give us the chills. The patient as well his family needs to go through a lot of physical and mental trauma. On top of that, the financial burden does take a toll on the family.

If you are looking to get treatment for cancer for yourself or your family member, then India could be a great option for cancer treatment. The telehealth services in India are advanced and rest assured of the best treatment when you come here.

Where to get the best treatment for cancer

India is a fast developing nation. Today the cancer specialist in India makes use of advanced technology and the latest techniques that stand at the same level as the best in the world. One can opt to get cancer treatment in western countries as well. However, that is expensive. India thus is the preferred choice if you are looking for the best treatment at an affordable cost.

The metro cities in India, like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai Bangalore, and Hyderabad have multi-specialty hospitals with hi-tech treatment facilities. The cites are also well connected which makes it easy to commute. 

India offers the best cancer treatment at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay in some other countries. Online cancer consultation in India is the best way to get in touch with the doctors here and find the best treatment plan suited for you. The doctors do the diagnosis and set out a treatment and recovery plan.

Advanced technologies now in India

The cancer hospitals in India make use of advanced technologies to treat this disease. Robot-assisted surgeries are also a common thing in most Indian hospitals. Proton therapy, which is an expensive procedure and available in only a few countries is available in India. The CyberKnife Surgery which is a pain-free and non-invasive robotic radiation therapy is also available in India. This comes with limited to no side effects.

With some of the best machines and accurate surgical tools, Indian surgeons can do cancer surgery accurately. You can also approach the online oncologist for a second opinion if need be.

Cost of the treatment

India offers the best cancer treatment technology. However, when it comes to cost, India is priced much cheaper than the treatment rates in other countries. The cost of cancer treatment in India starts at 2,000 USD. This is a small amount as compared to what you may have to pay when getting treated in western countries. An average cancer surgery does not exceed 4500USD which again is a significantly lower amount.

You can tailor-make your cancer treatment program in India. With a host of treatment programs like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplant, targeted therapy, and precision medicine, our experienced doctors can help you choose the best treatment plan.

Services offered To International Cancer Patients in India

Here are the services that you get if you are an international patient planning to get cancer treatment in India:

  • Online consultation without having to physically visit the hospital
  • Medical visa assistance
  • Free pickup and drop from the airport
  • Currency exchange 
  • Affordable general and AC deluxe accommodation
  • Local sim card
  • Language interpreter to make communication easy
  • 24 hours of nursing facility
  • ATM facility

All these facilities make it comfortable and hassle-free for international patients to get their cancer treatment in India.

Types of cancer treatment offered in India

The latest medicines and technology are available for cancer treatment in India. Here are some of the treatment methods that you can get in most of the hospitals in India.

  • Surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and the nearby tissues, this minimizes the risk of cancer to return
  • Chemotherapy is where drugs are given into the veins or orally that do not let the cancer cell to divide and grow. Chemotherapy kills the cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy where high energy beams are used to destroy the cancerous cells. The radiation is either given externally or internally through implants
  • Immunotherapy is where the immune system of the patients is boosted through drugs to give him the strength to fight cancer
  • Hormone Therapy prevents or stops the hormone that aids in cancer growth
  • Targeted Therapy targets the genes specific to cancer. It also targets the abnormalities and protein that help the cancer cells to survive and grow
  • Stem Cell Transplant or the bone marrow transplant is where the patient gets healthy blood-forming cells to replace the cells getting destroyed by the radiation
  • Precision Medicine or personalized medicine that lets the doctor select the right treatment.

India – The best cancer treatment destination

Cancer patients in India are increasing steadily. This, in turn, has let the doctors here to study various conditions and to refine their methodologies. The health cost in India is not very expensive which in turn has uplifted medical tourism in this country. People have developed confidence in the healthcare provided here and with some of the best cancer treatment hospitals equipped with state of the art technology, India is the best place to get a cost-effective and technologically advanced treatment for cancer.

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