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Every time you Consult a Dentist in India they will always advise you to take good care of your gums, teeth and smile. You must maintain healthy oral hygiene as it is important for maintaining the overall health of your body.

The whole mouth regions provide complete access to the internal organs. Germs and bacteria hidden within the gums and teeth can easily enter the body and start their journey through the bloodstream. These bacteria can cause adverse effects on your entire body functioning and its health.

Why is oral hygiene important?

The basic goal of maintaining proper hygiene of your teeth is not only for having a flawless smile but also for preventing bigger health issues. Poor oral hygiene will lead to common dental problems such as bad breath, cavities and tooth decay.

The bad breath and other dental complications can be caused by various underlying problems that need to be regularly resolved by removing the plague from the tooth enamel. Practising a proper dental hygiene routine can help in eliminating inconvenience and pain in the teeth and gums. Vanya health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified Doctors and surgeons in India can guide you through your journey towards good oral hygiene.

Ten Health Issues Caused By Bad Oral Health

Teeth and gums are not the only body parts affected by unhealthy dental habits. Bacteria in your mouth if left unchecked can cause diverse health issues to your entire body.

  1. Unhealthy gums: Diseases caused in the gums because of poor dental health are a common problem. The infections sprouted in the teeth gradually penetrate deep down to the roots of your gums. This is known as periodontal disease that can cause loss of teeth and deterioration of bone. 
  2. Cardiac risks: When the bacteria concentration in your teeth and mouth increases, the plague and bacteria start entering into the internal organs through the bloodstream. There are plenty of chances for thinning of arteries,  heart blockage and cardiac attacks. If the increasing bacteria blocks the carotid artery it can cause the patient to suffer from stroke. 
  3. Breathing problems: Plague and bacteria accumulation in the teeth and gums can cause damage to the respiratory system and the lungs. This bacteria causes infections in the lungs leading to severe obstructive pulmonary issues, bronchitis, infections and pneumonia. 
  4. Diabetes: Diabetic patients are more prone to infections and periodontal health diseases. It becomes difficult for the patients to keep their sugar levels under control. When the sugar levels are fluctuating it can lead to chronic diseases arising because of Diabetic complications. Similarly, diseases in the gums are highly risky because they may increase the levels of your blood sugar. 
  5. Dementia: Gingivitis and periodontal health diseases can cause Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases. Cells in the brain will die resulting in loss of memory and dementia diseases. 
  6. Cancer: Usage of tobacco products and cigarettes will worsen your oral health issues. This is a very serious type of health condition as it can cause oral, throat and gum cancers. When you forget to take good care of your oral hygiene, it increases the risk of blood cancer, kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer. 
  7. Complications during pregnancy: A woman’s body is very much vulnerable during the period of pregnancy.  This is the reason why expectant young mothers are prone to oral infections resulting in various health issues in the future.  Therefore, a pregnant woman should follow proper dental hygiene to avoid any form of complications and chronic health issues for both mom and baby in the future.
  8. Kidney dysfunctional problems: When your gums and teeth possess gum issues and periodontal disease, your immunity starts weakening causing infection in the kidneys. The infected kidney can lead to diverse health issues such as cardiovascular and kidney disease. 
  9. Infertility issues: Poor dental hygiene causes a man to suffer from infertility and erectile dysfunctional issues. Severe periodontal disease causes the bacteria to spread through the bloodstream leading to inflammation in the blood vessels. This inflammation can cause erectile dysfunction by blocking the free blood flow to the genitals, which makes erectile functionality difficult. 
  10. Arthritis: Inflammation caused by bacteria from gingivitis and periodontitis can maximise the risk of affecting the body with inflammation. This condition can lead to rheumatoid arthritis health issues.

Tips to avoid oral hygiene complications

If you eat cautiously and want to acquire healthy oral hygiene then it is necessary to invest your time and energy consistently.

  • Always brush your teeth before going to bed. 
  • Brush your teeth using proper techniques such as brushing gently in a circular motion. 
  • Plague can accumulate in your tongue too. Therefore, remove bacteria from your tongue using a gentle toothbrush while brushing. 
  • Flossing your teeth is equally important as brushing your teeth regularly. 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Eat a well balanced nutritious diet 
  • Avoid eating oily, acidic and sugary foods.


Vanya Health Medical value travels India introduces you to India’s most trusted, highly experienced and dedicated team of dentists for solving all your oral health issues. Visiting your dentist regularly will reduce the risk of any chronic health conditions in the future to live a healthier lifestyle. 


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