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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those fields that is conquering the world these days and healthcare is not an anomaly in this uprising. AI influences our lives in more ways than we even realise and though its medical implementation is still watchful, the developments taking place are enormous. One of such segments of medical science that is of late highly influenced by AI is Urology as it is that one specialisation that involves different types of stages making it an interesting area for AI application.

Besides, prostate, bladder and kidney cancer are a few of the top 10 most suffered types of cancer, falling under urology, in men worldwide. This is one of the reasons why some of the top urology hospitals in India are considering the advancements brought about through AI as it can play a big role in controlling and tackling this increasing number of prostate cancer cases amongst people.

Why does AI in prostate cancer matter?

Recently, the development of AI has had a significant impact on urology and has been widely adopted even in cases of second opinion urology. It helps in dealing with a number of disorders regardless of their severity. The algorithms and techniques of AI in urology are developed and utilised in such a manner that it can conveniently detect, estimate and treat diseases. 

Prostate Cancer is one of the most critical types of urology cancers amongst men. Currently, even some of the best urologists in India have begun to rely on AI to determine the aggressiveness of this cancer. The various developments that have taken place in AI systems in relation to prostate cancer have supported urologists with a high quality diagnosis which has further aided in deciding a better line of treatment required by the patients. 

Developments of AI in planning and delivery of prostate cancer treatment

The application of AI has been a result of some successful predominant research done in the field of prostate oncology. AI has been a great contrivance that helps in planning and detailed tracking of the course of treatment. It complements the has contributed largely in urology treatment in India with the below mentioned methods, treatment prediction and planning of the whole process:

  • Radiotherapy

The application of AI has been widely leveraged even by some of the best urologists in India to predict the distribution of radiation doses when a patient is scheduled to receive radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer. AI helps the therapist to predict the dose distribution in various organs of a person’s body which otherwise can take long hours. Along with this, AI also helps in determining the actual dose that is needed for the patient while undergoing radiotherapy. 

  • Brachytherapy

Prostate brachytherapy is one of the most ingenious developments in the treatment of prostate cancer where the radioactive sources are placed directly in the prostate gland in order to kill the cancer cells while causing less damage to healthy tissue nearby. AI is a welcoming evolution for the application in urology treatment in India where it is used for all the brachytherapy procedures almost in all steps, starting from decision-making to treatment completion. This has led to an improvement in efficiency and accuracy by reducing human errors and saving time in certain aspects.

  • AI for prostate MRI

AI has started to play a critical role in prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for patients suffering from prostate cancer. Some of the top urology hospitals in India have started with MRI readings assisted by AI as the urologists highly recommend it. It has a perspective of standardising the detection of suspicious lesions for prostate cancer which makes the reading easier and much more feasible.

  • Risk Stratification

When a person consults a urologist in India, one of the biggest challenges is to classify the Risk Stratification for prostate cancer as none of the risk categories look into recurrence with each other. But with the help of AI, researchers are now able to look into recurrence prediction to some extent by assessing the accuracy of two different convolutional neural networks.


While there are a variety of options to apply AI in prostate cancer, this makes sure that there are ample encouraging opportunities that lie ahead. AI has been beneficial helps for patients seeking second opinion urology in reinforcing their journey with a quantified result in their reports as compared to a regulated database. This helps the urologists and doctors look at the prostate cancer context from a wider angle. 

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