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Urinary health is a vital component of man’s healthcare. Many common urological problems are bothering both males and females and some are very unique only in males. It is inescapable that most men, as their age increases, may experience some sort of urological problem. Urology deals with the field of surgical intervention of kidneys, urinary bladder, testis, ureters, prostate and penis. There are the best urologists in India who are well trained and have special knowledge of men’s urinary health.

Here are a few conditions that men may experience a problem with and will have to consult a urologist immediately:

1. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

This condition refers to an enlarged prostate therefore it is also called prostate gland enlargement. It is found mostly in older men. This occurs when the prostate, a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis enlarges and causes problems with urination. The symptoms of BPH may vary but it gets worse over time. Common symptoms may include:

  • Difficulty in initiating urine
  • Increased frequency of urination at night (nocturia)
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Weak urine stream
  • Dribbling at the end of urination
  • Inability to empty the bladder

2. Prostatitis

Prostatitis is inflammation and swelling of the prostate. It is a common condition affecting many men. Prostatitis causes symptoms such as painful urination, fever, and chills, pain in the abdomen, pelvic area, and lower back. In the majority of cases, these symptoms can be dealt with medicines with endoscopic surgery being required albeit in a very less number of men. These all conditions of the prostate are innocuous. However, prostatic cancer may not be so innocuous when diagnosed in the late stages. Beware, if you have a family history of prostate cancer. Consult the urologist timely to get a brief checkup you can also consider getting Prostate cancer treatment in India as the doctors are very well trained and they have better treatment options.

3. Infertility

The gamut of infertility is on the rise because of the stressful nature of current jobs and fast paced life. The men who are having trouble conceiving a child may have infertility. The main causes of infertility could be abnormal sperm production, undescended testicles, genetic defects, health problems like diabetes, prior surgeries on the testicles, and other infections such as mumps.

To know the real reason for infertility, consult a urologist in India they can determine the cause of infertility and will also suggest you a treatment plan.

4. Erectile dysfunction

It is a condition where a man experiences difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with appropriate modifications in lifestyle and medicines. With a fast-paced lifestyle and advancing age comes complicated problems of late-onset male hypogonadism (a condition in which man’s body does not produce sufficient testosterone, which is the primary male hormone) or andropause (a syndrome associated with a decrease in sexual satisfaction) which can be treated with testosterone supplementation and adequate focus on maintaining bone health. Your doctors may also advise you to quit smoking, acupuncture, psychological counseling, increasing exercise, and reducing stress as a part of treatment.

5. Kidney Stones

This condition occurs when minerals and other chemicals like uric acid and cysteine accumulate in the kidneys or along any part of the urinary tract. The stone is excruciatingly painful to pass but fortunately, they are easily diagnosed. The treatment of the kidney depends on the size and location of the stone. In many cases medications can solve the problem, medications will be given to reduce the size of the stone allowing it to pass normally. And if the stone size is large then doctors will proceed with surgical procedures.

Another common set of problems experienced by men these days involves the penis and can be classified as congenital (problems a child is born with) or acquired (which come later in life). Hypospadias is the most common congenital condition in which the urinary opening is situated on the undersurface of the penis and may require staged surgeries depending on the type and degree of abnormality. Another common problem is Balanoposthitis which is often confused with two similar conditions i.e Phimosis or Balantitis, all these conditions affect the penis. However, each is affected in different parts of the penis. Balanoposthitis is inflammation of both the penis head and the foreskin, Phimosis is a condition that makes it difficult to retract the foreskin and Balanitis is inflammation of the head of the penis.

How to treat male urological problems?

You will be surprised to know that some of the male urology problems can be resolved on their own or would require some basic lifestyle changes for instance urinary incontinence and some problems would require advanced therapies. Some of the common treatments for male urological problems are:

  • Oral Medications: Doctors prescribe antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, and symptom-relieving drugs.
  • Injectable Agents: This includes interferon and collagenase which are used to reduce inflammation and scar tissue.
  • Laser Therapies: This therapy is done to treat conditions like kidney stones, ureteral stones, and certain prostate issues.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures: It is done to treat prostate, kidney stones, kidney blockage, kidney cysts, etc.
  • Rezum Water Vapor Therapy: This treatment is also used to treat enlarged prostate.

These are the general treatments done to solve urological problems in men. 

What are the tips that can help in overall Urological health?

It is very important to keep track of few basic things like:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Drink cranberry juice, it helps in preventing Urinary Tract Infections
  • Limit the consumption of caffeine and salt
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle
  • Stop or limit the consumption of cigarettes.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area with Kegel exercises
  • Teach your child to urinate immediately before bed
  • Limit the intake of fluid in the nighttime hours
  • To prevent injury from playing purchase athletic cups

The Bottom Line:

To summarize, in this article we discussed most of all the common problems, treatment done and tips to improve urological problems for men to keep in mind in a fast-paced life. However, one great thing in most of the problems is, it is easily solved if treated by skilled and knowledgeable doctors in India. Due to the various treatment options done at affordable rates in India many people from different countries consider getting treatment in India, You can also consider taking advantage of the medical value of travel in India. You are gonna experience a worthwhile treatment experience in India.



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