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A skin allergy occurs as a reaction to certain allergy causing harmless substances, such as soap, pollen, plants or wool etc. Once your body is triggered by these allergic substances, the immune system starts attacking them to eradicate them from your body. You must seek immediate medical treatment from a Top Dermatologist in India if your allergic symptoms worsen.

During this process, certain skin allergic reactions occur like rashes with itchy red skin. Skin allergies may have diverse types of allergic reactions such as hives, contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis etc.

Common Symptoms of skin allergies 

Skin rash could be considered the major symptom of skin allergies. The rash will initially start as redness, itching sensation and a raised bump. Primary skin allergies include the following:

  • Itching 
  • Rash
  • Swelling  
  • Raised bumps 
  • Cracked skin
  • Flaking or Scaling skin

Allergic reactions can vary over time and might develop different patterns and symptoms after exposure to another allergic substances. 

When your body is triggered by certain allergic substances, your immune system starts responding. This process causes allergic reactions such as rashes and redness. Identifying the triggers is crucial, for checking the source of the skin allergy issue and removing it. The doctor will recommend you undergo various tests and examinations to evaluate your allergy. 

Recent studies have shown that certain types of complex skin allergies are caused by some abnormalities in the skin defence mechanism. Both environmental and genetic factors affect the outer skin layers. This may lead to the development of skin allergies such as eczema. 

Types of skin allergies 

We have shortlisted a few commonly occurring skin allergies for your reference. 

1. Eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, may start occurring frequently from the first couple of childhood years. And, usually, it will disappear when the child reaches the adult or adolescent stages. 

Symptoms of eczema 

The eczema rashes commonly appear in the elbow creases, behind the knees, face, neck, hands and eyebrows, in adults, adolescents and older kids. Due to an itching sensation people might rub and scratch, which results in abnormal skin scars and pigmentation. 

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Treatments for eczema 

  • Avoid soap and other irritants. 
  • Ointments or creams may also give relief from the itching.
  • Medicines such as antihistamines, Steroids and Topical antiseptics. 
  • Moisturising and keeping the skin hydrated.

2. Contact dermatitis 

Contact Dermatitis commonly occurs because of any allergic reaction or irritant. Once the skin contacts any substance that triggers an allergic reaction Inflammation of the skin occurs. 

Symptoms of contact dermatitis 

Though the rashes due to contact dermatitis look similar to eczema rashes, contact dermatitis occurs only in those areas where the skin has contacted the irritant or triggering agent. Commonly this allergy affects the skin layers of the feet, hands, neck, eyelids and face. Symptoms include:

  • Rashes
  • Blister
  • Redness
  • Hives
  • Ulcers
  • Fissures
  • Peeling of skin
  • Pain in the affected areas

Causes of contact dermatitis 

  • Poison oak or poison ivy
  • Nickel present in jewellery 
  • Antibiotic creams 
  • Chemicals 
  • Rubber
  • Cosmetics


Avoiding the allergen or allergen may allow the symptoms like rashes or redness to reduce in three to four weeks. Medications or creams can help in reducing the itching sensation.

3. Hives

Hives, medically known as Urticaria, is a rash with an itching feeling. This condition could be an indication of some significant medical issues underlying it. Hives' condition may swiftly change their shape, size and location. It can occur even without any itching sensation. The difference in hives, when compared with other skin allergies, is that the itching does not always cause the infected person to vigorously scratch and cause skin damage.


Usually, you can self-diagnose and see for the following symptoms:

  • Itchy skin
  • Inflammation in the areas of skin affected
  • Redness 
  • Swelling 
  • Skin-coloured welts appear on the surface of skin.
  • Raised bumps 

Causes of hives

Causes of hives include allergens such as the following:

  • Stings from Insect 
  • Foods like nuts, eggs, peanuts, and shellfish 
  • Medications, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and antibiotics like penicillin. 
  • Latex
  • Exposure to sun
  • Physical stimuli such as exercise, heat, cold and pressure. 

Hives could be considered a chronic condition if the symptoms worsen and may lead to a medical emergency and are treated with various effective medicines and few injections. You can Consult Dermatologist Online and check if your condition requires emergency treatment.

4. Angioedema

Angioedema is usually associated with hives. Mostly, angioedema causes swelling in the feet, hands, eyes and lips. 


Patients having angioedema may experience abnormal tingling or stinging sensation. Angioedema occurred in the neck or face areas, it might be an indication of chronic allergy symptoms or an underlying health issue, which might lead to suffocation or severe breathing difficulties. 

If you are experiencing breathing difficulties or worsening conditions of skin allergic symptoms, it is essential that you Consult the Best Dermatologist in India and seek emergency intensive care. 


  • Avoid allergens that trigger allergic reactions.
  • Medications such as antihistamines

Patients having angioedema with mild symptoms may be cured in a few days and the symptoms might disappear, and might not require any further treatments. But, patients with severe or moderate symptoms may be recommended medications.

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