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What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical process performed by Plastic surgeons in India and across the globe, to restore normal size, symmetry, appearance and shape to one or both breasts, following lumpectomy or mastectomy or congenital deformities.

Sometimes, only one of the two breasts will be affected, and in such cases, your surgeon may perform reconstruction on that particular breast alone. And at the same time will recommend breast augmentation or breast lift or breast reduction for the other breast.

This process is performed to balance the symmetry of the position, shape and size of both breasts. Breast reconstruction surgery in India has developed brilliantly, because of the high incidences of breast cases and international standards of healthcare services provided by highly qualified Doctors.

However, staying away from a few things during the recovery period is vital for breast reconstruction surgical wounds to heal faster. If you want to promote a speedy recovery, then you must avoid the following 6 things after breast reconstruction surgery. 

Avoid consuming huge meals

It is better to avoid eating heavy meals after the surgery. You can start the day of healing by drinking pure water and other nutritious beverages like coconut water, freshly squeezed juices and milk. You should gradually increase the portion of foods you eat and start by eating simple bland diet foods such as crackers and toast etc. Eating small portions of meals at frequent intervals helps in preventing health issues, restoring health, speeding up the healing process and bringing a big boost to your confidence.

Avoid driving and traveling

You must avoid driving to places, even for your hospital visits after breast reconstruction surgery. Your doctors will advise you to not travel for 48 hours after the surgical process. If you are planning a vacation trip or business trip during the recovery period, then it is always better to consult with your surgeons before packing your things.

Plastic surgery costs in India are reasonable and affordable, which allows you to experience premium healthcare services within your budget. Thus a part of the saved money can be used for other purposes such as your traveling expenses and post surgery fees. Even if you are traveling to nearby locations always wear those comfort bras and protect your breasts from UV rays by applying SPF sunscreen creams. 

Avoid exercises

Exercises can hurt your breasts, so avoid pushing yourself hard and too fast. You can consult with your Doctors before starting any physical activities or exercise routine. Post-surgery, your body needs an ample amount of time to heal and so you must avoid strenuous physical movements and exercises during the recovery phase. You can gradually start doing some basic physical activities such as climbing the stairs and walking, which improves the constant flow of blood to vital parts of the body.

Avoid having sex

There is no set of rules about the perfect timing to have sex after breast reconstruction surgery. But, you must keep your tender breasts well supported and be cautious to Avoid vigorous activities. Try keeping ample distance between your breasts and the body weight of your partner.

Prevent your partner from fondling or touching your breasts for 3 to 4 weeks post breast reconstruction surgery, as your breasts will be very sensitive. Never stop wearing compression bras while having sex, until it is safe.

Do not perform any harsh movements until 6 weeks or more, which might harm the reconstructed breasts. Handle your breasts cautiously after the surgery and consult with your doctor about any issues and doubts. 

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

You should not consume alcohol or smoke for 2 to 3 days after breast reconstruction surgery.  And even after this period, you must try to limit alcohol intake and avoid smoking for a speedy recovery. Your surgeon may advise you to avoid these habits before and after the surgical procedure. 

This is because antibiotics, painkillers and other medications are given to you post-surgery, which can function properly only when you stay away from alcohol during the recovery period. However, you can discuss your concerns and doubts with your Doctors and then proceed with alcohol consumption after their consent.  

Avoid wearing normal bras

Your surgeon will recommend you wear a post-surgical compression bra for a few weeks after surgery. These compression bras play a vital role in keeping your reconstructed breasts intact during recovery. 

These bras are designed with clasps in the front, which allows you to wear and get out of them quickly. However, avoid undoing your compression bra too often. This action may cause damage to the sensitive breasts. 

Your breasts need to be well supported during the period of recovery that might last for 6 weeks and more. This cautious step is important for protecting the newly constructed tissues in your breasts until it completely heals. 

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