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When someone you love and care for is suddenly diagnosed with a life-threatening sickness, your world turns upside down. The patient will feel anxious and desperate affected by the devastating news.

Relax and handle the situation with a stable mind, as your loved one needs optimum love and support during that moment more than ever. Studies have confirmed that the love, care and support extended by family members play a vital part in helping struggling patients to deal with their health conditions successfully.

The experienced and dedicated team of Vanya Health will help you and guide you through this strenuous process. They support picking affordable hospitals providing the best treatment by experienced and highly qualified Doctors and surgeons. Therefore, the family members can relax and fully concentrate on supporting their precious ones through the medical treatment process and successfully recover soon.

How can family members support people with chronic illnesses?

Remember, your loved one is going through various issues, pain, and is troubled with fear. Just being there for them during this period could be considered the best medicine for rejuvenating their drooping spirit. Here are a few tips for family members to support people suffering from chronic disease.

1. Strengthen Your Skills

Family members play a significant role in influencing patients suffering from chronic disease to practice self-management. It is essential that you educate yourself about the medical treatment process and the medications properly. Patients might find it challenging and need assistance with their everyday self-care and chores.

Understanding their weakness and supporting them to perform their self-care duties without any complications is a huge help that family members could offer. There are caregivers and friends who can support you in this journey.

Ask your doctor and healthcare professionals about the disease and be informed about the symptoms. Learn to operate basic tools and gadgets that can help in monitoring your loved ones' health conditions periodically.

2. Spread Love and Hope

Once the initial reports of the medical diagnosis are received it may be a great shock to both the family and the patient. They might find it difficult to accept the truth and feel helpless with fear about the future. As family members, you must make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed without any anxiety or stress.

Interact with them and allow them to share with you their fears and doubts. One efficient way to provide support is by restoring hope to their broken heart. You can do this by normalizing the symptoms of the sickness and explaining to them the success rates of recovery in patients with similar symptoms.

You should encourage them by explaining to them the advancements made in the technology and medical field, making the process simple and successful. Just telling them that you will always be with them throughout this difficult journey can make them feel confident to face the treatments. 

3. Responsible

Take the medical check-up, treatments and follow-ups seriously and help them adhere to this intervention correctly. Family members need to be responsible for the patient sticking with the treatment procedures without any interruption.

Ensure that the patient consistently takes medication, and never misses any doctor appointments and follow-ups. Members of the family should adjust their lifestyle to support the future progress in the health of their dear loved ones suffering.

4. Family Members Stay Together

After the diagnosis the patient will be needing to completely change his or her lifestyle due to medications, eating different diets, exercise and other medical procedures. The patient might feel alone and left out if they have to make these lifestyle changes alone. Family members should stay together and try to adopt a few healthy changes in their lifestyle too as a support mechanism. This will surely encourage the patient to follow the new way of life.

You can accompany them during their exercise and walking routine. Start eating healthy diet meals along with them at proper timing. Help them follow an appropriate sleeping pattern according to the Doctor’s recommendations. Recovery will be easier and more successful for patients who have loving members with them through their difficult path of struggles. 

5. Self-care is Important

Doctors and other healthcare professionals will be dealing with the patient’s difficulties only for a specified period of time. Caregivers and family members are the ones who will be with them through their pain and weakness. Family members will really feel the chronic pain and agony their loved ones are going through. Seeing them suffer might break your heart and makes you feel agitated, exhausted, anxious and weak.

Therefore, it is essential for the family members to take good care of your mental health as you need the same love and care too. It is necessary for you to seek care to restore your crushed spirit and rejuvenate your soul. Then you can strongly extend more love, care and support to your loved one who is going through treatment.


Vanya Health is a boon for family members with a desire to support their people suffering from chronic sickness. They coordinate and manage efficiently the requirements of your loved ones and support the family to customize the best treatment options. Choose the best plan and proceed with the journey towards good health.

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