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Autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD, is a health condition that causes problems with behaviour and communication in children and adults. This condition can involve various skills and symptoms. ASD might be a severe disability that requires special care or just a minor issue, either way, it can be efficiently treated with affordable Autism treatment in India.

What is autism?

Autism affected people will have trouble communicating and understanding the thoughts of other people. This will make it difficult for them to express their feelings with facial expressions or words or touch or by using gestures. 

Autistic might have problems in understanding and learning, because their skills are developed unevenly. Though children with autism have issues in communicating and understanding, they are extremely talented in memory, math, music or art and possess problem solving skills. 

Symptoms of autism 

Symptoms of autism appear in children before they turn 3 years old, but sometimes they might show certain symptoms from birth. 

Few common symptoms of autism are the following:

  • Your child may not show eye contact.
  • Their interests are narrowed to certain subjects and topics. 
  • They repeatedly do some activities again and again, such as repeating a phrase or word, flipping an object or rocking back and forth. 
  • High sensitivity to sights, smells, touches, or sounds that may seem very ordinary to others. 
  • Autistic have difficulty in listening to other people. 
  • They have difficulty in using or understanding expressions, speech, voice tone, or gestures. 
  • Autistic children do not want to be cuddled. 
  • They talk in a flat, robotic or singing voice tone. 
  • Sometimes children with autism may have seizures.  
  • They find it difficult to adapt to any changes in the surrounding area. 

Types of Autism Spectrum Disorders

1. Asperger’s syndrome

Children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome do not have any difficulties in understanding language. Usually, they score above average in studies and intelligence tests. However, they have problems in getting along with the society and possess a narrow range of interests. 

2. Autistic disorder 

Children with autistic disorder have difficulties in interacting and communicating with the society, and little ones under the age of 3 years will have problems in playing with other children. 

3. Childhood disintegrative disorder 

Childhood disintegrative disorder is an autism type, where children will have good development until 2 years old and then suddenly lose their social skills and ability to communicate. 

4. Pervasive developmental disorder 

Pervasive developmental disorder or PDD is also called atypical autism. Your child might possess a few autistic behaviours, such as communication difficulties and lack of social skills, but progress in other developments. 

Causes of autism

Exact cause of the sunrise is still unknown and not clear. When some problem occurs in the part of your brain that processes language and sensory input for interpretation, autism may be caused. 

Who are at high risk of autism?

  • Autism is genetic and if any of the parents have autism, then their children are at high risk.
  • Children born to mothers who were exposed to alcohol, chemicals, certain medications or anti-seizure drugs, when they were pregnant are born with autism.  
  • Children born to old aged parents are at high risk of autism.

Diagnosis of autism 

Definite diagnosis of autism could be difficult and hard. The paediatric neurologist or  developmental paediatrician or Psychiatrist in India will treat this health condition by concentrating on developmental disorder and behavioural changes. 

Your child will be checked for developmental screening that will show if your child has developed basic skills such as mobility, behaviour, speaking and learning. 

It is advised by doctors to monitor their behaviour and communication skills regularly. If there are any problematic signs observed during the screening tests, then your child will require genetic tests or vision tests. 

Treatments for autism 

Autism is not curable, but with earliest treatment you can improve the child’s communication skills and other developmental activities. Earlier you start the treatment for such disorders, you can make a huge difference in the development of your child. You should Consult the Best Psychiatrist or neurologist in India, if you see any abnormal ASD symptoms in your child. 

Treatments for Autism

  • Behavioural and communication therapy is designed to discourage negativity and encourage positive behaviour. 
  • Occupational therapy is an excellent treatment for helping autism children to learn life skills such as eating, interactions with other people and dressing thrives etc. 
  • Sensory integration therapy helps autism people, who have difficulties with sounds or sights or touch. 
  • Speech therapy is given for autism children to communicate with others without any complications. 
  • Medicines are prescribed to help reduce autism Symptoms such as anxiety, hyperactivity, or attention difficulties. 
  • Stem cell therapy is a perfect treatment choice for autism, as it can minimize the autism characteristics. Therefore, this treatment is well-equipped to improve social skills, anxiety, focusing ability, communication, and speech.

Autism children may have low levels of vitamins, nutrition and minerals, which requires nutrition enriched foods. Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified neurologists and Psychiatrists, can guide you through the journey to good health and help you find premium healthcare services for treating autism efficiently. 

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