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Brain Stroke Surgery in India is very common these days and it is treated mostly by a Neurosurgeon. A brain stroke means the failure of blood circulation in the brain. It can take place due to the rupture of an artery that feeds the brain or due to an obstruction in the flow of blood in the brain. Some of the common symptoms are loss of the ability to speak or paralysis of any one side of the body. In such a situation, brain surgery is the most viable option.

There are two types of brain strokes: One is Ischemic Stroke which can take place due to the formation of a blood clot that can block the blood flow. The other is Haemorrhagic Stroke which can take place due to the rupture of a blood vessel. Book an appointment today with Vanya Health to get detailed information about our best doctors and the most popular Neurosurgery Hospitals in the country.

Benefits of Brain Stroke Surgery:

  1. An accurate brain stroke treatment can help eliminate the risk of brain cell damage by rescuing the oxygenated blood from the blockage of the brain.
  2. Adoption of Best Neuro Treatment in India policies also helps in faster brain stroke recovery.
  3. To prevent death and reduce long-term effects, timely attention to brain stroke symptoms is very crucial.
  4. Endovascular therapy with the use of a catheter, removes the clot from the brain and also helps in reducing the pain

Our Expertise in Brain Stroke Surgery: 

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuro anesthetists to cure brain stroke patients of all types. We also have experts in critical care as well as specialized nurses who work together to provide the patients with world-class healthcare services. You can also avail of our Medical Tourism Services in India facilities for better and convenient options. The said team brings together expertise from years of experience and skills, all directed towards providing the highest standards of patient care. This team of experts is guided by integrated care pathways as well as internationally accepted protocols. We also have top class facilities for all our patients and super-specialty tertiary care for all types of neurological disorders, conditions, and diseases. 

The Best Stroke Treatment Doctors in India are equipped with all types of latest therapeutic options, modern diagnostic and imaging equipment which help all types of stroke patients. We have the right supporting team and experienced specialists panel to provide you the right and best treatment to the patients. Further, we take care of patients before and after the surgery so they can recover fast. 

Different types of ‘Brain Stroke Surgery in India’:

We try our best to provide some of the Best Neurologists in India to support all types of brain stroke surgeries. Some of them are listed below.

1. Bypass Surgery: A Bypass Surgery which is also known as Cerebral Revascularization is done in the case of a blocked carotid artery. It is a procedure where a new blood supply is joined to the portion of the brain which is cut off from the flow of the blood. 
2. Hemicraniectomy: It is a major surgical operation. During Hemicraniectomy, a section of the skull is removed to allow the swelling in the brain of the patient to increase past the limitation of his cranium. This surgery may not be appropriate for aged patients who have undergone a major brain stroke.
3. Mechanical Embolectomy: A Mechanical Embolectomy is a minimally invasive surgery done for the purpose of clearing a blockage from a blood vessel. It is the insertion of a tiny plastic tube into an artery within the upper part of the patient’s leg. 
4. Aneurysm Clipping and Coil Embolization: An aneurysm is known as a potential cause of a brain stroke. There are two options available to get rid of it, first an Aneurysm Clipping and secondly a Coil Embolization. 
5. Carotid Endarterectomy: Carotid Endarterectomy completely eradicates any blockage from the artery and also expands it. 
6. Carotid Angioplasty and Stent: A Carotid Angioplasty is a surgery that opens and reduces congestion within the carotid artery. It is typically reserved for those who are at risk of having a brain stroke. 

Choose Your Best Option With Us:

To conclude, whatever complications you or your family member may be experiencing, have faith in us, that we will always suggest you the best neuro therapy and life-saving choices. Our assistance can make a major difference in your future. We are just one click away. Call us or mail us for further assistance. 




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