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IUI stands for intrauterine insemination which is an artificial method of treating infertility. The male concentrated sperm is placed directly in a woman’s uterus. Around the same time, the ovary releases eggs for fertilization.

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization which is a complicated sequence of methods involved in treating fertility as well as solving genetic problems. It also helps in the conception of a child. This method is carried out in a lab where mature eggs are collected from ovaries and are fertilized by sperm. On the other hand, ICI (Intracervical Insemination) is an ideal method for home insemination.

The simulation process in IUI can take about 10 days. In this method, the ovaries of the women have to be stimulated beforehand to mature eggs. After this, they have to take a trigger shot in order to release one egg. Then the sperm that has to be used needs to be prepared because only after this can the process of insemination begin. IUI is generally less costly than other fertility treatments like IVF. Normally one single cycle of IUI costs around $100 in India. The success rate of IUI for women is 10 to 20 percent per cycle of IUI. The IUI method only takes a few minutes and is painless. You might experience a little discomfort when the speculum is placed inside and you might experience a little cramping when the catheter moves through the cervix. This discomfort and cramping will be temporary and will vanish by the end of the method. It is said that the peak of the IUI effect is around the third or the fourth cycle. IUI alone cannot increase the risk of twins but the medication that is taken along with it might result in multiple pregnancies in the woman. If more than one is released then there is a probability that more than one will be fertilized and this will result in twins.

IVF has higher success rates than IUI. The average cost of IVF treatment in India is around $3300 to $5400. There may be additional costs for medications and tests. This is a procedure of artificial reproduction in which a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs are made to combine outside the body on a laboratory dish. One or more fertilized eggs are placed into the woman’s uterus lining where they may be installed and will further develop. IVF success rate for women younger than 35 is 55%. However, this percentage decreases with age. Some of the top IVF centers in India are Parampara Fertility and Gynaec Centre (Chennai), NOVA IVI Fertility (New Delhi), Delhi IVF and Fertility Centre (New Delhi), NOVA IVI Fertility (Mumbai), Baby Joy IVF and Surrogacy Centre (New Delhi). New Delhi is the best city in the country for IVF treatment. One IVF cycle will take between six to nine months, this includes the time that is required for knowing whether you are pregnant or not. However, this time ranges from clinic to clinic.

In India, you can consult IVF specialists personally as well as through teleconsultation. You may also consult IVF specialists in India through a video call using teleconsultation. The success rate of IVF in India is greater than the global success rate of IVF, so India is a preferred country for IVF. IVF success rates in India are almost the same as in the US and also the rest of the world.

The success rate for ICI is 5 percent to 30 percent per cycle. This depends on various factors like the reason for infertility and the quality of the sperm sample that is being used. This is a non-surgical method. In this method, your body will handle the sperm in a way similar to intercourse. In this method, you can also use IUI-ready sperm. You can conduct ICI at home or also at a medical center according to your choice. A sponge cap is used to prevent the sperm from leaking out. It is placed over the cervix. Women can experience some level of discomfort during this method.

You have to follow the following steps to conduct ICI at home and they are making the man ejaculate into the condom or the collection cup. Next, put the syringe in the collecting device and then pull it back slowly on the plunger. Lastly, get into a posture on your back with your hips raised. There is very little difference between the methods of IUI and ICI. IUI sperm units can be utilised for any form of fertility therapy, whereas ICI sperm units are best for vaginal inseminations or when your clinic wishes to process the sperm itself.


Fertility treatments nowadays are done in order to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs than usual. Infertility is a common disorder these days and women suffering from infertility require special care and attention as they suffer from social and psychological stress. Infertility treatment is helping couples to become parents. Same-sex couples are also becoming parents, single women are becoming mothers using these treatments. IVF is considered to be the most successful method and it is also safe.




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