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Spinal disk damages are the most painful condition that creates discomfort and agony even with slight movements to the patients. In today’s busy world people neglect the importance of staying fit and healthy until their conditions worsen. Therefore, educating yourself about the spinal problem will help in finding the root cause, seeking the best Spine treatment in India and eradicating it earliest. You should treat pain as a warning pointer and become alert to correct the problem.

What is a spinal disc?

Spinal discs are flexible spongy strong pads sandwiched between the vertebrae bones that form the whole spinal system. These discs are called intervertebral discs as they are placed firmly between the vertebrae and firmly fastened by ligaments that connect the muscles and vertebrae bones. Spinal disks are packed with gelly substances that provide stability, strength and keep the vertebrae lubricated while twisting or bending without injuring the spinal cord. As a person ages, blood circulation to these spongy sacs is curbed solidifying the discs, which can minimise the flexibility, elasticity and shock-absorbing capacity of the discs.

Some of the basic causes for developing spinal disc bulging problems include:

  • Ageing
  • Lifting loads of heavyweights
  • Lack of proper exercise routines
  • Obesity 
  • Unhealthy posture
  • Smoking
  • Violent injury

Symptoms of spinal disc problems

The severity and location play an important role in generating painful symptoms in irritated spinal disc issues. Let us study the symptoms you might experience because of the disk bulging conditions.

  • Escalating pain in the back while sitting for a prolonged period or bending
  • Feel expanding pain when sneezing, coughing, straining or laughing. 
  • The numb and pricking sensation spreading into your legs or arms is caused because of the bulging disc compressing the nerves.
  • Severe backache

Usually, the Best Spine Surgeons in India will recommend scanning the back or neck to unveil the root cause to see if it is due to the aging process or other spinal disc problems.

Common spinal disc problems

  1. Spraining the discs: When sudden excessive pressure or strain is applied to the soft muscles, tendons or ligaments because of heavy lifting or sprains, you might experience sharp back or neck pain. A sprain in the discs can cause inflammation and irritation feeling. This condition might not be visible in the scans or X-rays. 
  2. Degenerative spinal disc: Aging can drain the moist fluids filling the disc pads, thus solidifying and hardening them extensively in the long run. Reports reveal that elderly people experience back pain normally because of the increased irritation and friction between the vertebrae causing inflammation surrounding the disc area known as bone spurs. This age-related transformation is called degenerative disc disease. 
  3. Spinal disc protrusion: Disc protrusion is commonly known as slipped disc, though the spinal discs are intact without any slippage. Only a small part of the tough exterior shell region of the disc weakens, which can allow the jell fluid substance to discharge. When the nerves located near the particular vertebrae touch the oozing fluid discharge, it causes severe pain that radiates and spreads into the legs. Disc protrusion is the common cause of lower backache experienced by people across the globe.
  4. Sciatica: The irritation caused in the sciatica nervous system will trigger shooting pain in the neck region. This severe pain will spread from the spine deeply into the back, thighs, foot, legs and buttocks. Sciatica conditions can cause a numb sensation in the lower leg that is affected. The slipped or bulging disc could be one of the factors causing sciatica inflammation or irritation issues.

Diagnosing spinal disk damages

Top Spine Hospitals in India and the leading physicians will diagnose your spinal disc damage degree by examining your health condition, checking the history of your health condition and prescribing scans or Xrays and other physical tests if necessary to identify involvement of the spinal nerve injuries in the disc damage.

Best treatment options for spinal disc problems

People who are in the early stages of spinal disc damages can be cured through nonsurgical methods of treatment. Orthopedic doctors in India will be recommending effective medications to relieve you of the pain along with certain physiotherapy exercises. We have shortlisted a few effective treatment options that have been accepted to be efficient and fruitful:

  • Shedding those unhealthy cholesterols and calories can help in reducing obesity problems and disc related damages in the back and neck region. 
  • Taking bed rest and restrictions from heavy activities for short period is considered one of the best options for managing spinal disc pains.
  • Perform fundamental exercises for strengthening core muscles and discs.
  • Doctors may recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or an epidural steroid injection to heal the inflammation in the spinal nerve and relieve you from pain.

In severe spinal nerve injuries, surgery for trimming the projecting disc might be recommended by the doctors. If the patient has a severe condition of disc damage doctors might recommend Surgery for Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease. In this surgical procedure, surgeons will remove the disc and fuse the two spinal vertebrae together for relieving them from pain. Vanya Health, one of the top facilitators of medical value travel in India provides valuable information about quality spinal disc treatment options and connects you with the best orthopedic doctors in India. Stay connected and in good health!

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