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Our knees are the most burdened part of our body. Apart from holding a lot of weight, knees are also a joint in a human body that involves a lot of moving parts starting from cartilages and ligaments to the bones and muscles. Taking into account the amount of activeness, knee problems are a common complaint amongst most of the people that land them to a knee specialist in India. We often see that over the years, as people age, knees undergo a lot of wear and tear and they struggle against pulling themselves in walking, moving and following their daily routine.

But apart from the natural ageing of the knee joints there are certain other factors too that add to make you more receptive to the pain. Osteoarthritis, injury, excess body weight and lack of muscle flexibility are some causes that contribute to knee issues and urges one to look for an orthopaedic treatment in India. Along with the above mentioned problems, there can be several other reasons that can lead to serious knee ailments such as torn cartilage or ligament damage.

Things one needs to stop doing immediately to avoid knee damage and pain

Considering that prevention is always better than medicines and a situation where one has to consult orthopaedic in India, the best self-care starts when a person becomes familiar with his own body routine and examines his daily affairs towards learning the basics of how to avoid a knee condition. Below mentioned are some of the tips on what a person should avoid in order to prevent himself from a chronic knee issue.

Wearing high heels and improper shoes

It is often recommended that one should avoid wearing high heels and shoes which are a misfit. The reason for this is that heeled and misfit shoes put excess pressure on ones’ feet and shin muscles and also contract the calf muscles which leads to knee pain. This is one of the factors why women always complain of swollen or painful feet after a long day in heels. Besides, wearing proper shoes that suits the activity one is involved in is equally important too. Supportive and cushioned shoes help take away all the pressure off the knee joint and keep the alignment of the legs in place which helps in refraining one from visiting a knee specialist in India.

Overlooking the weight issues

Obesity causes a constant stress on a person’s knees which eventually causes the cartilage to break down ahead of time.      This is why it's advised to keep a check on the body weight as it plays a major contribution in issues that end with knee replacement in India. The knee joints are apparently incapable of bearing any extra weight than a person’s body structure allows. This will with time damage the joints of the knees and lead to further issues like osteoarthritis. 

Working out without stretching

Stretching the muscles pre and post working out at the gym and post a tennis or football match is yet another way how people can prevent themselves from hurting their knees. Stretching opens up the tendons and helps in decreasing the pressure trapped in the knees’ joints. Neglecting this step is one of the basic reasons where people even after being involved in a lot of physical and sports activities find themselves taking an appointment in order to consult orthopaedic in India. Therefore, it is always advised to end with any exercise gradually with stretching which helps in easing out the muscles.

Not leading an active lifestyle

Being sedentary in your daily routine gradually leads one towards chronic knee pain. An indolent person is at a higher risk to create a stiffness in his quadriceps muscles. This is the reason why people seeking an orthopaedic treatment in India are often advised to indulge themselves into more exercises because it not only makes one active but also helps strengthen the muscles which have become weak from constant inactiveness resulting in the knee pain. 

Walking with a slouching posture

A person walking and standing in the wrong posture often leans forward and walks while he is bent over on his waist. This posture is one of the biggest reasons that leads to knee issues and over a time results in knee replacement in India. Your body posture is key to your knee maintenance. Hence, it is always recommended to pay attention to the way one walks.

Knee problem in a nutshell

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