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These days when people face any health crisis, their first option is to consult doctor online in India. However, choosing a new online doctor can sometimes be a challenging task. Online teleconsultation has become a great deal these days and with so many options, selecting the right doctor is often quite intimidating for people as they tend to get confused about which doctor would fit to their needs.

To provide further assistance, below mentioned are few guidelines that can help in receiving quality medical attention that one seeks online:

1. Narrowing down the search window

While the internet is full of information, this information can sometimes be too much to absorb for a person. This is the case when one looks for a doctor too for the sake of scheduling online appointments or even teleconsultation in India. With so many options available, one particularly needs to narrow down his search as per the symptoms and signs which helps in effectively serving the medical purpose.

2. Selecting  the right speciality doctor

We know that there are different doctors who are specialised in certain specific fields. When a patient is looking for a new doctor online, the most important fact is to know the speciality of that particular doctor. At times, people also consider specialists for a second medical opinion and hence, it's always a primary thing to learn about the speciality and subspeciality of the doctor they are deciding to consult.

3. Work experience matters

One of the most crucial things while deciding to consult doctor in India is the quality of knowledge that doctor acquires. Experience being a helpful factor for the doctors to understand in depth medical situation of a patient and accordingly help him with the right expertise and confidence, this aspect should not be neglected while considering a doctor online.

4. Credentials of the doctor

Another important factor in deciding to choose the right doctor online is the credentials and qualification. To consult doctor online in India, one can look for their board certification and registration number along with verifying their licence to practise. These are the basic questions a patient can ask to his doctor when deciding on him online.

5. The level of easiness in starting a consultation

Teleconsultation in India is one of the fastest growing ways of approaching a doctor. However, choosing the right doctor with whom a patient can open up comfortably regarding his problems is a task sometimes. This makes it important to select a doctor with whom one can be able to speak conveniently.

6. Patients’ feedback and recommendation

The recommendations and feedback from a prior patient or company who specialises in this task plays an important role. For this, Vanya Health, which is one of the leading tele-health companies provides a network of the best hospitals, doctors and medical treatments which are trusted to help patients get the best healthcare services that they are looking for.

7. Suitable consulting hours

Not every doctor is available at all time for your assistance. Hence, while looking for the right doctor online, one must pay attention to choosing the doctor whose consulting hours suits the patient's time. 

8. Consulting fees of the doctor

Doctors’ fees vary according to their experience and speciality. While every person needs the best doctor, the fact that can not be ignored is that medical treatment these days is an expensive affair. This makes it important to consider choosing the right doctor that suits ones’ pocket and at the same time even serves his purpose.

9. Confidentiality and privacy of medical data

People often look for expert advice from doctors and specialists and even cross check the suggested line of treatment by taking a second medical opinion. With so many things already on the table, patients are always worried for their confidential records to remain private. Consulting a doctor who is trustworthy and reliable is important to gain this trust from the patients. 

10. Prescription from doctors

A valid prescription is the one that has all the information of a doctor listed in it such as the doctor’s name, registration number, patient’s details, diagnosis, etc. If these details are not properly written, the prescription provided would be of no use at all. So pay proper attention to these details the next time you look for a doctor online.

When it's about a person’s health, his only aim is to get the most ideal doctor who can suggest him with an appropriate and suitable treatment. We know that to consult doctor in India who is capable enough of providing the right medical advice is arduous work that requires a lot of effort. Now, if this work has to be done through an online portal, the hurdle automatically doubles. Vanya Health helps the patients to get the best medical services by getting in touch with the best hospitals and doctors online

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