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India is one of the most preferred countries for health care services and today’s scenario is evitable to avoid offline consultations for patients of India as well as outside India. But technology is taking care of people’s health despite these challenges. Teleconsultation in India has been serving the needy and specialists effortlessly in the covid situation. And Vanya Health is one of the best telehealth companies that provide secure and simple access to mobile-friendly teleconsultation to doctors and patients and it also provides various other benefits.

Let us see how Vanya Health can benefit the doctors and patients:

Vanya Health for Patients

Best Doctors and Hospitals are Accessible at The Fingertips: Vanya Health has an extensive network of 2000+ specialty doctors and 100+ panel hospitals which also include cardiologists, Orthopedic, and IVF specialists, and so on. You can even consult the best cancer specialist in India without stepping out of the home with the telemedicine facility of Vanya Health. And our doctors make sure that patients are given proper guidance as treatment online is a little difficult.

Highly Secure: There are several platforms where your number has to be shared and leaked for another purpose, but with Vanya Health you just have to register yourself and the doctors will get back to you. So there is no question of your number being leaked.

Less Heavy on Your Pockets: The patient can reach any doctor online. Even the best cardiologist in India can be reached through us online. The domestic patients will now safely be treated at home without wasting a single penny on travel, the international patients can save a lot much through this system, there are lot many people who especially travel to India to seek a second opinion and if you are among them you can save substantial costs by seeking the second opinion through video consultation.

Risk-Free: Corona has created a lot of fear in people, and they delay even their important appointments with doctors to save themselves and their families from catching the deadly virus. With the help of our service, you can easily consult the doctor without risking your life. After all, your problem will not wait.

Very Easily Accessible: There are various platforms available to reach the doctors online but to operate the system is so very difficult for a user to access smoothly, but our system is very smooth and easily understood by the user.

Instant Services: Facing a problem, write to us, you will not have to wait for the right time to reach us. As soon as we see you are in need our team makes sure to reach you at the earliest.

Impossible is Now Possible: Initially, through telemedicine, consultation with a surgeon was possible but getting appointments from the specialists was not that easy, but Vanya Health has a network of top specialists and top hospitals. With us, you can even consult an IVF specialist in India online.

Vanya Health for Doctors

Optimize Resource and Time Usage: The doctors can delegate appointments that are suited to virtual care to optimize the time spent on each patient. Not every patient requires a physical visit, which is resource-intensive. This way, the doctors can consult a set number of patients in a day and through this, the time and stress can be managed.

Highly Secure: Telemedicine with its advantages has some drawbacks especially for doctors. The doctors have to answer many calls in a day because most of the platforms require a personal number to be shared. With our secured services, the patients can only register themselves, and the communication is done through our portal which also supports video consultation so the problem of sharing phone numbers can be avoided and the doctors can answer the queries of the patients at their convenient time.

Flexible Timings: The doctors can now manage their day more flexibly rather than having to adhere to a strict schedule at the clinic. The doctors can easily manage their calendars with less burnout.

Better Decision Making for the Doctors: The doctors can also consult the experts while making a tough decision with a large pool of specialists available in our network. Our software directly integrates with the EHR system and patients' past medical histories are easily available. This ultimately results in data-backed decision-making and ensuring that the patient doesn’t lose quality treatment.

Less Exposure to Chronic Illness: Health care providers and doctors can reduce their exposure to contagious diseases by connecting with patients through a secure platform of Vanya Health, rather than meeting them every week. Teleconsultation enables doctors to diagnose patients and prescribe medications without risking their safety and health.

The Bottom Line:

Telemedicine or teleconsultation has come to the fore due to corona. Vanya Health remains strict in providing the secure platform with the additional features, which makes it a worthwhile option for telemedicine. Doctors and patients are considering it to be the safer option. However, looking at the various advantages people are liking and getting more comfortable in using telemedicine and teleconsultation, hence they are considering using telemedicine even after Covid.









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