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Teleconsultation  is a brilliant technology which acts as a bridge between rural patients and the expert doctors for easy accessibility to healthcare services. This medical technology is designed to enhance health benefits of a patient by optimising accessibility to treatment and medical guidance. Therefore, people struggling with respiratory issues and asthma, can Consult Doctors in India and experience efficient treatment from anywhere across the globe.

How Teleconsultation help people with asthma?

In today's modern era, people with various health issues such as breathing difficulties and asthma problems, are experiencing the privilege of virtual consultations, diagnosis, treatment, follow-ups and recovery from the comfort zone of your home. This method is a boon to both Doctors and patients, as it saves expenses and time. Researches have confirmed that the quality of health and lifestyle of patients have significantly improved, because of Teleconsultation services.

Teleconsultation program for creating awareness to the caregivers and the patients 

Teleconsultation services conducts discussions and communication programmes for creating awareness about the asthma problems, treatment options and advancements made in technology for patients, caregivers and the supportive healthcare professionals living in rural areas and far distant remote areas.

Discussion and communication programmes through Teleconsultation in India, allows you to ask questions about your asthma health issues and also obtain rich knowledge about your asthmatic issues. The challenges of patients with breathing difficulties and asthma, are discussed along with their caregivers and support nurses. They are educated about various triggers of allergies that might be causing t issues, such as toxic Black mould spores, pets or harmful chemicals etc. They also provide information about symptoms and treatment options for asthma.

 You can evaluate the lungs' condition with symptoms and the specific triggers that are causing breathing problems and asthma, so that you can eliminate or stay away from them to improve your immunity, avoid triggers and live healthy.

Reduce Frequent visits to Doctor

Teleconsultation can make frequent appointments with specialists more accessible and affordable. Asthma is a health condition that needs to be regularly treated with frequent specialist appointments and treatments, to monitor and manage the health condition progress. 

It is important to consult with your Doctors frequently regarding the breathing difficulties and asthma problems, to check if the treatment given previously is working, so that if necessary they can make few changes in the treatment process.

According to the guidelines developed by healthcare professionals, patients with asthmatic issues may need to visit the hospital at regular intervals of one to six weeks. And those who are diagnosed newly with asthma need to visit the doctor every two to six months. This is because they need time to learn methods to use the drugs and medicines prescribed for stabilising of the asthmatic issues.

Lung function tests

COVID-19 pandemic has open doors to virtual consultations by video conference and phone consultations. As facilitated doctor visit the patients may require multiple tests to evaluate the functioning capacity of their lungs, the virtual consultations also need to have records of vital signs such as lung functioning test known as plethysmography. 

Before the first virtual Teleconsultation appointment your asthma specialist doctor will ask you to perform a few vital tests like the plethysmography test, which is performed in an airtight lab room where the technician will instruct you to breathe into a mouthpiece. This test might take a period of one hour minimum to take and it is essential that you be prepared before the consultations.

Once the results have been obtained  for the plethysmography test and any other tests recommended by your doctors, you can proceed with your online consultation. In the next following virtual appointments these tests may not require and just consultations without any tests will be done. There are few effective devices and Best teleconsultation app in India used to monitor asthma at home such as pulse oximeters. This device helps in checking the heart pulse rate and see if your oxygen saturation level in your blood is at normal rates.

Easy accessibility to Asthma Specialists

People living in rural areas and in far distances can now easily access best treatments from the highly qualified asthma specialists like the allergists and immunologists in the country. For patients living in remote areas, they may find it difficult to travel for hours to treat their  asthmatic issues, Teleconsultation services is a precious platform that broke the barriers and connects desperate asthma patients to easily consult with specialists, comfortably from home.

Improvements in cognitive functioning in kids

Teleconsultations can also improve little children’s ability to  acquire multiple mental abilities, such as  learning, reasoning, problem solving, and perfect decision making, whenever they experience certain asthmatic problems. This skill is vital for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which helps them to check their symptoms and solve health issues with  perfect solutions.

Teleconsultation services have built a powerful communication system between patients and health professionals virtually, to improve the quality of medical services and health conditions of asthma patients. Thus, this technology is playing an important part in patients with asthma and respiratory difficulties across the globe. Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified Doctors and surgeons providing premium healthcare services for treating patients with asthma and respiratory difficulties. 

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