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Teleconsultation in India is a branch of telemedicine services that has developed with advancements made in technology and has steadily gained a foothold. You can now instantly receive solutions for all your health conditions through online video call consultations.

What is Teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation is a wonderful virtual platform for a Doctor from a particular location to offer consultation to a person suffering from certain health issues in a different location. During the live session, the patient will be given an appointment to explain to the Doctor their symptoms and other medical data, so that the physician can make an accurate diagnosis and provide the best possible treatment. 

How does Teleconsultation work?

Modern communication technologies, like mobile phones, Tablets and computers are used in Teleconsultation to deliver valuable information regarding your health conditions. You can now experience international standards healthcare services from the comfort zone of your home with the best Teleconsultation services.

Teleconsultation services offer a wide networking opportunity for you to obtain quality medical services. This is like having a Doctor at your fingertips and can access their precious care and consultation any time, whenever you face any health problems.

Advantages of Teleconsultation?

1. Consultation with The Best Doctors

Teleconsultation services provided by highly qualified Doctors and surgeons are beneficial for people struggling with health issues across the globe. It is a fantastic opportunity to obtain consultations from highly qualified practitioners specialised in diverse medical fields such as cardiology, dermatology, psychiatry, orthopedic, general medicine etc. These doctors and surgeons perform with professional and ethical standards to deliver international standards of healthcare services. 

2. Doctors at Your Convenient Times 

International Level network is offered by the Teleconsultation services and you can schedule to Consult online doctors in India at preferred times and dates. You can seek guidance and support from the best doctors at the most convenient time and date through video call, without further waiting for an appointment. 

3. Consultation with Specialists

If you are going through certain health issues and experiencing particular symptoms then you may need to visit a specialist depending on your illness. But first, you must select the appropriate specialty health department to visit, such as physiotherapists, cardiologists, oncologists, orthopedics, gynecologists, etc. With Teleconsultation services, you can instantly get connected with a specialist Doctor or surgeon depending on your illness and symptoms.  When you explain the health problems to the Doctor, he or she will diagnose and recommend some medications or treatments or further examination and tests to evaluate the issues. 

4. Second Opinion

A second medical opinion in India is considered best for you to decide correctly about the best treatment options available in the country and detailed information about well-experienced and highly qualified Doctors and surgeons. You can choose the best appropriate treatment for your particular health situation. Since Teleconsultation doctors are experts and experienced in treating the health issue that you have been diagnosed with, you can feel safe. You can seek a second or third until you are satisfied and confident about the doctor, surgeon and hospital for your treatments. 

5. Understanding The Health Issue 

Teleconsultations offer you a chance to analyse your body's symptoms and understand the seriousness of the signs and health issues. You can learn more about the treatment options, be well prepared to meet the appropriate healthcare professionals according to the diagnosis and get the treatment procedures performed by talented doctors. 
6. Skip The Hospital Waits 

Another important benefit of Teleconsultation services is that you are relieved from the inconvenience of traveling with health issues, pain and struggles to faraway doctors for consultations. It also helps you skip the long waits in the hospital and avoid being exposed to other unhealthy viruses or diseases from other waiting patients. You can now enjoy the privilege and comfort of the best consultations with brilliant doctors while sitting on the couch in your living room. 

7. Medical Follow-up 

Medical follow-up is very important for those who have undergone surgery or for maintaining a chronic illness and other treatments. This is vital for monitoring your health condition and any changes or sickness during the recovery period after the surgery or treatment is performed. Teleconsultation services allow you to keep track of the progress or deteriorating conditions and help the doctors to prescribe medications and choose treatment options if necessary.  

8. Efficient Cost-Effective Consultation

The Teleconsultation services provided by Vanya Health Medical Tourism Company representing highly qualified Doctors and surgeons could be considered the ultimate destination for all your healthcare needs. Vanya Health allows you to consult with the best specialists about your sickness and symptoms, without spending your precious time and money on traveling or waiting in hospital appointments.

You can now consult from the comfort zone of your home and enjoy your privacy as well. Feeling more comfortable with the doctor during the video call session will help in discussing with them all your concerns and doubts for a better diagnosis and best treatment for resolving all your health problems.

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