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Tourism is the most commodious and resourceful way of exchanging culture, wisdom and perks between countries. In recent years, medical tourism has also made it to the list for transferring medical benefits providing people opportunities to take the advantages of technological advancement and scientific developments available in other countries as well. Medical treatment in India has been acknowledged as one of the finest hubs for patients from all over the world. Even people from developed countries choose to get treated here, especially due to the facilities that are rendered during the cancer treatment in India and due to the other factors as well. The rejuvenation that comes along with the ancient methodologies of yoga and Ayurveda massage adds more to the benefits of top-class treatment and expertise offered by the hospitals here. These hospitals are now equipped enough to render high-end surgeries like knee or hip replacement, Cardiac Bypass surgery, organ transplantation and other treatments of similar complexity. 

What India is also recognized for is its sufficiency to treat all types of cancer with the utmost quality. Many patients from all over the world visit our country, giving a boost to medical tourism in India, for cancer surgeries that come at economical prices. The availability of world-class medical expertise in the Indian corporate hospitals is making foreign patients choose India over their native countries for the treatment of various pertaining conditions including cancer. Indian oncology hospitals facilitate the best cancer treatment in India to patients traveling from all across the globe. In order to fast track the treatment process, recovery and follow up check-ups of the patients, medical tourism companies in India offer pocket-friendly and quality packages for your convenience. VanyaHealth can be your perfect destination if you're looking for an authentic channel to ensure your safe treatment passage to India. Oncologists offering cancer treatment in India excel at their jobs and are beholders of international fellowships along with international board certification. Customized care facilities, affordability, state-of-the-art technologies and top-tier amenities are a few of the many reasons why India is preferred by patients from all walks of life when it comes to fighting off a life-threatening disease like cancer.

Here are the following advantages that you can avail by choosing VanyaHealth for medical value travel in India

  • Economical rates of the medical treatment: Even the top-notch hospitals in India that are laced by the latest-generation technology for medical treatment focuses on keeping their treatment costs mild so that people can afford it without busting their savings. 
  • An experienced and skilled team of doctors: Every hospital offering medical treatment in India consists of a team of a highly qualified and professional team of specialists along with trained medical staff to ensure the best care of the patients. 
  • Presence of world-class technology: India is no way less than the developed countries when it comes to bringing the most advanced technologies in the world at their disposal to offer the best treatments to the patients. VanyaHealth will put you in touch with one that is equipped to treat you better. 
  • No language issues: As VanyaHealth is a well-known medical tourism company in India, it always covers the need for a translator in order to ensure that patients don’t face any communication barrier during their visitations. A translator is kept on standby 24*7 in case of patients with different linguistic backgrounds. 
  • Easy Availability of other facilities: India also consists of a variety of hotels and guest houses at affordable rates near the hospitals so that anyone attending the patient can find an easy resort here. Along with it, India is also known to be a hot tourist spot so get ready to witness some natural and historical wonders while you visit this country for cancer treatment. 

Additional services rendered by VanyaHealth to the medical tourists: 

  • The topmost concern of every tourist is about the price quotation that is done on the basis of Medical attention and hospital stay needed for the patient. VanyaHealth offers them quotation assurance to help them find the most suitable oncologist. 
  • VanyaHealth partners up with the travel agencies to ensure that the patients traveling for medical treatment in India get the comfort of a spacious hospital room, laundry, meals, TVs and other amenities to make their stay full of ease. 
  • We also collaborate with hospitality partners, international health offices and other agencies for making your traveling hurdle free and give you fuss-free treatment facilities. 
  • The security of investments of the patients is also considered a priority by our medical tourism company in India. That is the reason why our agency is chosen as the most trustworthy one by the patients traveling from outside to get treated here. 
  • A care manager is provided and all other needs are facilitated during the patient’s stay by Vanya Health. The patient can also call his or her family back home as we provide a SIM Card on your arrival. 
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