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Long gone are the days when people used to travel just for business or leisure. Nowadays, they are getting themselves treated at various destinations that are well-known for offering top-notch medical treatments all around the world. Medical tourism in India has witnessed tremendous growth in the past couple of years and as per the records, this industry has 18% CAGR in 2019, which consists of around 18% of the global share of medical tourism. Patients from all corners of the world have been arriving in India to get all kinds of treatment in recent years as India seems to render a complete package that is needed for the hour. Apart from top-tier treatment, seamless communication, economical prices of accommodation and treatment, India seems to fit the criteria of patients from all walks of life. Patients from all over the world are getting medical treatment in India in certain institutions that are known for catering to the needs of modernized treatments. Given below are certain reasons why Medical Tourism in India is considered wise from the various perspectives:

  1. Cost efficiency: It is a well-known fact that the treatment cost of certain complicated diseases is higher in developed countries than the developing ones. That is why patients choose to travel to India as the research says that they can save up to 80% compared to the USA on the cost of treatments here. From the surgery costs, consulting the doctors to traveling in India, everything is affordable in India when compared to the western countries. That’s why patients prefer to spend their money here rather than blowing their budget.
  2. State-of-the-Art Technology: Being one of the major spots for medical tourism, India focuses on employing all the cutting technologies and advanced equipment for the best healthcare services in the industry. The Medical Value Travel in India will put you in sync with such hospitals that have stronger primary and secondary treatment facilities each day. Most of the government treatment facilities consist of tech-savvy machinery and gadgets to monitor and diagnose the patients.
  3. Qualitative services: India is known to be on par with the most developed countries like the UK and the USA when it comes to the quality of the health care services that are provided here. That is why people from western counties also prefer to travel here for the same. Even the medical service providers like nurses, paramedical staff and doctors are highly trained and experienced in the matter. Almost all types of surgeries are executed here with flawless results as the surgeons here have an incredible forte in different kinds of surgeries like an eye, heart, orthopedic, knee transplant, bone marrow transplant, and more. For example, the success rate of cardiac surgery is 99.5% in India that is the highest in the world.
  4. No restrictions of language: If you are visiting from another country for fetching any sort of treatment in India and worried about the language issues, they won’t. India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world and the medical tourism companies in India will put you in touch with language interpreters on standby for your convenience. So you don’t have to wait to get the best healthcare services in your budget because India is open for you with all the possibilities in order to render you the care that you deserve rightfully.
  5. Affordable treatment plans and accommodation facilities: People tend to travel with an attendant whenever they come for treatment in other countries. In such cases, their expenses are doubled when it comes to staying post-surgery or treatment procedures. However, the availability of pocket-friendly hotels is increasing rapidly in the vicinity of such hospitals and even medical tourism companies in India are gladly providing such facilities to travelers. All the medical tourism hotspots are brimming budget-friendly treatments without compromising the quality of the same. You’ll get a perfectly hygienic and comfortable stay nearby the hospital without burning your savings down. Make your choice!
  6. Use of Traditional healthcare methods: Ayurveda, which is known to be one of the strongest, most reliable, and ancient treatment methods followed in India for healing the people suffering from certain kinds of ailments. Along with this 5,000 years old treatment method, yoga, homeopathy, naturopathy, and Unani are certain other treatment methods that the Medical Value Company in India boasts about. Many foreign patients come and stay in India post their treatments to get their soul and body healed through Ayurveda and yoga altogether. Kerala and Kochi are the hub for such treatments and therapies as it has affordable spas, hotels, and resorts along with treatment centers rooting for such treatments.

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