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An organ transplant is basically a process when a medical procedure is carried out to remove a body part from one’s body and then placed it into another person’s body to replace any damaged or failed organ. In such cases, both the patient and the recipient are either called at the same location or the organ can be stored under observation before it gets transferred to the location of the recipient. The organs or the tissues that are meant to be transplanted within the body of the same person are termed autografts and the transplant that is carried out between two subjects of the same species is known as allografts. The source of the allograft can either be a living subject or a cadaveric one. In the past few years, medical value travel in India has increased the rate of organ transplantation here as our country’s medical facility is state-of-the-art and various kidney transplant specialists in India have added to its popularity. The body parts that are to be successfully transplanted for curing the patients of their ailments include the liver, kidneys, lungs, thymus and pancreas, intestine, and heart. Amongst all these kidney and liver transplants are the most common ones.

A kidney transplant is the kind of operation that is carried out to replace the diseased or dysfunctional kidney with a properly functional one from a living donor. The kidneys function to take out the waste from your body as they filter or eliminate unwanted and toxic material from your blood and remove it through urine. They also work for maintaining a healthy level of electrolyte in the body and keep the fluids balanced for letting you live healthily. However, when they fail to perform their job, the toxic waste material in your body builds up to make you ill. This usually happens when the kidneys don’t operate like they normally should because of certain health issues.

When the kidneys stop functioning properly or at all, the patients are offered dialysis treatment in which a machine is used to filter blood mechanically and does everything that is meant to be done by the kidneys. The treatment option that is also opted for is a kidney transplant in India, in which a kidney is donated to the patient by someone who’s a match to them. The kidney transplant specialist typically replaces the failed kidney with the borrowed one to keep the patient alive. Once it’s done, immune-suppressive medicines are prescribed to the recipient to ensure that the organ transplantation is taken in a friendly way by the host’s body and doesn’t catch any infection.

When talking about the success rate of kidney transplants in India, you must know that it boasts one of the highest success rates in the world, which is around 90% currently. However, there are various other factors that are at play when it comes to tampering with the success rate of a kidney transplant which includes the choice of hospital, the choice of kidney transplant specialist in India and their expertise in the surgical procedure, post-operative care teams, the tissue matching and compatibility of the donor, whether the donor is blood-related, and many other reasons. Post-surgical infection is a common occurrence and something that jeopardizes the success rate of transplants, so select a hospital widely with the best hygiene standards to make sure the patient does not catch any infections.

Next in line of famous transplantation processes would be liver transplant in India which is also referred to as a hepatic transplant. This is basically a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a diseased, damaged, or non-functioning liver and then it is replaced with a healthy one. As it happens in liver transplant, the healthy liver might also be extracted from a deceased or a living donor. The liver transplant specialists in India suggest that life risk during such a process is around 5-10 percent. According to the statistics collected during the past few years, around 90 percent of patients live a good and healthy life one year after the surgery. The long-term success rate of liver transplant in India is estimated to be 80 percent for 10 years and most patients live a normal life post-surgery accompanied by the required medications and by making a few lifestyle changes. 

Liver transplant in India is a big surgical procedure that requires the involvement of a highly trained medical staff and treatment that includes the usage of high-end equipment, medicines, and various medical products. In a liver transplant, just the part of the liver is donated because the liver is an organ that regrows. Concerning these factors, the liver transplant procedure becomes quite expensive but still, it is 1/10th cost of the procedure followed in western countries with similar care. From getting your hands on the best liver transplant specialist in India to surgery, a prolonged time of recovery, and medications that are associated with life, each factor adds to the cost of the procedure. However, with the help of a good medical value tourism company in India - Vanya Health, you will be put in touch with a great health care provider and trustworthy medical services so that you can recover better without any health risks. 

Every year, it is reported that around 20-25 people per million of the total world’s population are in dire need of a liver transplant. When it comes to India, you must know almost 2,00,000 people lose their lives because of some liver disease every year and around 50,000 – 60,000 people need a liver transplant badly. On a global level, there are about 25,000 liver transplants that are blessing people’s lives every year. And considering all the technological advancements that India has embraced in the last decade, it can safely be said that it is one of the prime hubs where people are getting treated for various ailments, let alone kidney or liver transplant. It has been setting numerous milestones in the medical fields and transplantation treatment is just one of the many. 

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