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Technology has gifted us lazy lifestyles, we can have an enormous amount of rest time but also, on the other hand, the world is suffering from multiple diseases, among them knee pain is commonly seen. We hear daily from friends to friends that they are suffering from joint pains, arthritis and how they suffer from it in their day-to-day activities. If you are one of them, you must be dreaming of a good walk or a good session of exercise but the pain keeps you inactive and also you don’t know much about the Top 10 Orthopedic Hospitals in India and the treatments.

There are varieties of Orthopedic Treatments in India to free you from knee pain, and also many doctors typically recommend joint replacement surgery for those who have tried non-surgical treatment but still experience disabling pain. Often people get tense when they hear joint replacement surgery or total knee replacement surgery. Here, in this article, we will guide you with an overview of what exactly total knee replacement surgery in India is.


Knee replacement is a surgical procedure undergone by many patients who are suffering from severe arthritis of the knees, typically patients go for this surgery after failed pain relief treatments. There are many non-operative orthopedic treatments in India which include anti-inflammatory medications, knee joint injections, and activity modification, and when none of these work patients go for total knee replacement surgery.

For those who worry about Orthopedic treatment in India we have good news for them, there are the best orthopedic surgeons in India, with the best treatments. And surgeons go with two types of knee replacements.
1. Total knee replacements
2. Minimally-Invasive partial knee replacements.

Both have success rates in India.  We will give you a brief idea of what exactly both types are.

Total Knee Replacement

It is a traditional method that involves a 7-8 incision over the knee, and you have to prepare yourself for 3-5 days for a hospital stay. For one to three months the patient will be asked to walk with a walker or cane. Most of the patients got complete relief from their arthritis symptoms once they had recovered. This method is done in many hospitals, but it is advisable to go with trustworthy or Top Orthopedic Hospitals In India, we the medical tourism company in India, Vanya Health can guide you with top surgeons and top hospitals of India.

Partial Knee Replacement

This method is practiced for decades and offers excellent results just like total knee replacement. But not all patients can go with this method, less invasive techniques are available to insert smaller implants.

So, how can you know that you are suffering from severe arthritis? There are few common symptoms of severe arthritis, we have listed them for you:

Common Symptoms:

The most common symptom of arthritis of the knee is pain. And this pain gets worse with time and sometimes it gets severe. And the best and top orthopedic surgeon in India will always give you the advice to go for the surgery because with time it gets unbearable by weight-bearing. It gets difficult even to perform daily routine activities.

Stiffness during the morning is present in a certain type of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis patients experience more morning stiffness than other patients of arthritis.

Swelling and warmth
Swelling and warmth are noticeable in arthritis patients. Some signs may even represent an infection when the patient has severe swelling and warmth, inability to bend the knee.

Why should you consider total knee replacement surgery?

People prefer non-operative interventions because it is reasonable. Before any surgery, the doctor will first try to control pain with medications or knee injections. And when there is no better sign after the medications, then the doctor suggests knee replacement surgery. It is a better quality life choice, because of knee pain people have to avoid many activities like walking, jogging, shopping so people would definitely want to get rid of this pain and so they consider knee replacement surgery.

What will happen if you do not go for surgery?

Many people in India fear surgery even if they do not get well with medications, they will not go for the next step that is surgery. But it is our advice that it is better to get joint replacement surgery done in good hospitals because arthritis is progressive and it gets typically worse day by day. So you will be having good hours and bad hours throughout. They do not improve on their own.

The Bottom Line:

For all those who have started believing that knee pain can never be treated, then you must go for total knee replacement surgery because you deserve a quality life. Pain is substantially improved in the patients who underwent the surgery. And if you are worried about the hospitals and surgeons then Vanya Health is there for your help. We have an extensive network of the best hospitals and surgeons.

So it's high time to wave goodbye to your long-time enemy and enjoy a better life, free from pain and suffering.


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