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Bone marrow is a soft and spongy tissue that is found inside some of the bones such as hip and thigh bones. It is here that most of the blood cells of the body are developed and stored. The immature cells called stem cells contained in the bone marrow are capable of developing into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body of a person, fighting infections and helping the blood to clot, all respectively. There are a number of bone marrow transplant specialists in India who have time and again suggested the role of these stem cells in a bone marrow transplant.

What is a bone marrow transplant?

A bone marrow transplant in India is a medical procedure performed to supplant a person’s faulty bone marrow stem cells that have been harmed by contamination or chemotherapy. Doctors use these transplants on people suffering from certain extreme diseases such as –

  • Leukemia
  • Severe blood diseases like aplastic anemia or thalassemia
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Immune deficiency diseases of certain types

Recent development and advances in Bone Marrow Transplant

Science has successfully directed us through a doorway to cure blood cancers with the help of bone marrow transplants. BMT units in India have been life saving for people for more than 20 years now. It is a ray of hope in situations where this is the only proven cure available to patients. Considering its importance, researchers are constantly trying to evolve the procedures and raise the standard of treatment for bone marrow transplants.

Bone marrow transplant hospitals in India, with the help of these researchers, are trying hard to increase the survival rate and decrease the complications which can help in treating more such diseases. While these efforts have already delivered results, medical science is regardless of a never ending journey. The recent development has hence proven to be a success in maintaining a high survival rate for many patients as these patients have been able to receive the right transplant in an earlier course of their treatment.

Unrelated donor transplant

The recent advancements have enabled the transplant to happen from an unrelated donor as well. The bone marrow transplant specialists in India can now perform a match with a donor who is not related to the patient and carry out the transplant. This can be done through the registry where millions of people get themselves registered to become a donor for someone in need. This has expanded the donor pool which has improved the recovery rate of people suffering from deadly diseases like blood cancer.

Half match transplant

In cases where the donor is unable to get a 100% match even from an unrelated donor, in such situations it is now possible to carry out a bone marrow transplant with the help of this major development called Haplo Transplant or Half Match Transplant. So when a patient is unable to get a matching donor from the registry or a complete match from their families, they can still obtain a half match and go ahead with the treatment.

Overcoming barriers in graft-versus-host-disease

Graft-versus-host-disease is one of the side effects in patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. The bone marrow transplant hospitals in India use immunosuppressants to lower the degree of GVHD in patients. However, sometimes, it also diminishes the anti-cancer effects of the donor’s T cells. The researchers have now found a way to deal with this issue and prevent GVHD, all of this while retaining the transplants’ positive effect intact. 
Infusion of a memory cell

Infusion of a memory cell is yet another advancement followed by BMT units in India. The process here involves removal of the cells from a person’s body, filtering of the good cells and the fighting cells from them and later putting them back into the patient’s body after giving the necessary chemotherapy. This helps in the prevention of infections. The biggest benefit of this method is that it is available at a decent price in India which makes it quite affordable as well.

Hepa filter room

This is a type of room that is developed especially in the bone marrow transplant hospitals in India to carry out the transplant in the safest possible way. What makes this room unique is that not more than 0.2-micron objects can enter this room. This makes sure that no bacteria and fungus are present at the time when the patient undergoes the transplant.

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