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Diabetes is a disease that occurs in both adults and children when the glucose level is high.  Millions of patients across the globe are struggling with diverse treatments and medication to keep their sugar levels stabilised. Stem Cell Therapy for diabetes in India has been recognised as a good choice of health care treatment for healing diabetic patients. 

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body is not able to use or produce effectively the insulin. This insulin is a hormone essential for converting the consumed food into energy. The Chief Cause of diabetes is unknown and no permanent cure has been recognised. Millions of children and adults are being infected by diabetes disease across the globe. 

There are three types of diabetic patients:

  1. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease. 
  2. Type 2 diabetes occurs due to certain lifestyle changes and hereditary factors.
  3. Type 3 is Gestational diabetes that occurs in pregnant women. 

Patients diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes occurs when their body is not able to produce insulin. Therefore these patients will be recommended to take medications or injections with prescribed dosages every day. 

Stabilizing the levels of insulin in your body is a vital thing to do for managing the disease properly. 

Diagnosis and Treatments for diabetes 

The fluctuating diabetes levels will be effectively treated by providing perfect dosages of insulin to your body in the form of medications or by injecting insulin using an insulin pump or needles. You can seek the guidance of Vanya Health Medical Value Travel in India to get premium-level treatments from well-established hospitals and highly qualified diabetologists. 

The doctors will prescribe blood tests for finding the insulin levels. These tests should be taken in fasting mode and after meals, to find the accurate levels. Then your doctor will recommend insulin dosages as medication or injections according to the severity of diabetes. 

Though this is considered the best form of treatment for diabetic patients, there has been consistent research performed by scientists to find a better solution. They are searching for a method to help your own body regulate and produce insulin. One such researched option is the stem cell therapy treatment that has been contributing to the well-being of diabetic patients.  

Can stem cell therapy help diabetic patients?

Stem cell therapy is a medical research process that involves the usage of stem cells to produce islets that help in the production of insulin in the pancreas. Stem Cell Treatment in India is flourishing because of the promising effects observed on diabetes disease. 

This therapy is tested on patients with Type 1 diabetes and has shown improved functionality of the body without any intake of insulin for a period. Researchers are exploring the effect of cord blood stem cells on treating patients with diabetes.  

Scientists have been exploring the possibilities of developing better treatment options for Type II Diabetes and stem cell therapy is spreading a ray of hope. Perfect dosages of stem cells helped in reducing insulin dependence and controlling the fluctuations of glucose levels in the body. 

However, diabetologists will diagnose the patients and will recommend cord blood stem cells therapy. It has been observed that stem cell therapy has improved control over glucose levels and minimized insulin dosages for a few years. However, patients might require transfusions to be performed multiple times. Scientists are researching the perfect dosages for optimum benefits. 

Stem cell therapy for diabetes 

Scientists are researching for best treatment options to treat diabetes by Protecting the normal beta cells from being damaged and replacing destroyed beta cells. This therapy process has been approached in different ways:

1. Producing beta cells 

The iPS cells or embryonic stem cells are used for producing beta cells. Large numbers of iPS cells and embryonic stem cells are grown in a laboratory. These cells can persuade and transform into any type of cells such as insulin-producing and glucose detecting beta cells in your body. The advancements made in technology have made this a promising platform for producing huge growth of beta cells that can be replaced. 

2. Establishing more beta cell copies 

Beta cells can be produced in the pancreas and researchers are exploring better medications for enhancing the self-renewal process. Stimulation produced in beta cells helps in producing multiple duplicate cells themselves. This has been recognised as a better solution for early-stage of Type I diabetes or Type II extensively. However, you can always seek a Second Opinion in India for consultation and treatment options from international quality Medical services.

3. Protection from immunity attack to the beta cells 

Highly qualified bioengineers and Immunologists are researching diverse strategies for safeguarding the transplanted stem cells from being attacked by the immune system. One way to provide protection is by producing the cells with more levels of resistance to withstand such immune attacks. Another approach is to enclose these cells in capsules that contain pores through which glucose and insulin are transported to the immune system. 

Then, these encapsulated stem cells are placed within the membranes that are semi-permeable to protect them from immune attack. These stem cells need to be protected from being damaged by the immune system. 

Stem Cell Therapy in India is considered a boon for cancer patients to recover in a natural way and consider surgery as the last resort. It is a promising opportunity to help diabetic patients overcome the disease effectively. Stem cells help in speeding up your body’s ability to heal quickly and technology has made the treatment available for people at affordable rates. Good luck!

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