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Stem cell transfusion is a medical process by which healthy stem cells are transplanted into the patient's blood or bone marrow as a therapy. Stem cell therapy in India is used for the regeneration of cells that are damaged or dead during cancer treatments or other therapies.

You will observe that the stem cells possess the ability to recreate platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Stem cell transfusion is a long procedure and lets us analyse the step by step process in detail. 

Stages of stem cells transplant 

  1. Tests to monitor your general health condition level. 
  2. Harvesting is the process of acquiring a donor’s or your stem cells.
  3. Treating and conditioning your body and making it ready for the transplant. 
  4. Transplant the obtained stem cells.
  5. Recovery period.

We have discussed these 5 stages are detailed below. 

1. Examinations and tests

Once Doctor has recommended a Stem cell transplant in India for treating damaged health conditions, you will be needing a series of examinations and tests to be performed immediately. The following tests are performed to ensure that your health condition is good enough to continue with the transplant. 

  • An electrocardiogram or ECG is a test done for checking the heart’s electrical impulses and its rhythm. 
  • An echocardiogram examines the conditions of your heart and blood vessels nearby. 
  • Health conditions of other organs such as the liver and lungs are checked by using computerized tomography or CT scan and X-ray. 
  • Multiple blood tests are done to check if the kidneys and liver are functioning properly without any complications. 
  • A biopsy is another important test done in cancer patients, where a portion of the cancer cells are taken and analysed. This test will give doctors a clear view of whether the patient is at high risk or in remission. 

2. Harvesting stem cells

If all the tests show that your body health is in good condition, then stem cells are harvested and stored. The best doctors will remove the stem cells in 3 basic methods. 

  • Blood: Stem cells are removed using a machine from the patient’s bloodstream.
  • Bone marrow: A bone marrow sample is removed from the hip bone.
  • Umbilical Cord and placenta: Blood donated from a newborn baby’s umbilical cord and placenta is used to harvest stem cells. 

Stem cells can be removed from your bone marrow or blood for transplant. If this is not possible, then bone marrow or blood from a donor is used for the transplant process. 

3. Conditioning

Conditioning is a treatment procedure for preparing your body for the transplant. In this process, high dosages of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are performed before transplanting the stem cells. Bone marrow transplant in India is done to make ample amount of space for transfused tissue to destroy cancer cells. 

A central line tube transporting certain medications directly to the body will be inserted into the large-sized vein closer to the heart. The conditioning treatment will take up to seven days and you might have to be hospitalised until the process is completed. Sometimes, you might be experiencing certain temporary side effects like fatigue, Hair fall and weakness. 

4. Stem cells transfusion

The doctor's team will perform the stem cells transfusion process one or two days after the conditioning treatment is completed. The harvested stem cells are gradually passed through the central line or Intravenous line into your body. The transfusion procedure often will be finished in two hours. 

The transplant is not a painful process and therefore you don't need to sleep during the procedure. Just be relaxed while the transplant is being performed. Stem cell transfusion plays a vital role during Cancer treatment in India. Seek emotional support from your loved ones to face the treatments provided with a strong approach. 

5. Recovery period 

When the stem cells transfusion is completed you will need to stay in the hospital to be monitored. During this recovery time, the stem cells will settle down in your blood cells and bone marrow. Then it starts producing fresh blood cells. 

You might feel fatigued along with other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite. Doctors will be performing the following procedures for a speedy recovery.  

  • Since your body will have low levels of white blood cells that fight infections, you will be easily prone to any infections or other complications. Therefore, after a stem cell transplant, you will be made to stay in a sterilized room that is free from infections and visitors may also be made to wear germ-free clothing during their visits. 
  • Patients need to remain hydrated and nourished. Therefore, fluids will be given directly through your mouth or in some cases a tube is inserted into your nose for transporting fluids to the stomach. 
  • Blood transfusions will be performed regularly since your body will be having very low levels of red blood cells. 
  • Platelet transfusions will also be performed regularly because your body will be having only minimal levels of platelets.

According to the health conditions of the patients, doctors will allow them to leave the hospital after the transplant. If they develop any infections or other complications they will need to stay for a longer period. Vanya Health Medical value travel in India is the ultimate destination for patients to receive quality healthcare services at an affordable price. Good luck!

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