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Bone marrow is one of the complex processes whose success depends upon many factors including, the quality of the harvest from the donor, the technique of transfusion, and the post-transplantation care of the patient.

Bone marrow is actually present in the large bones of the body that contain stem cells. Their primary work is to carry the oxygen through your body which contains WBC ( White Blood Cells ) that fight infections and Platelets that help with blood clotting.

On a regular basis, Bone Marrow produces more than 200 billion new red blood cells, white blood cells every day. There are certain diseases that pose a threat to a person’s bone marrow and prevent them from turning stem cells into essential cells. Since blood cells have a life span of 100-120 days and are consistently replaced, their productivity becomes very vital.

So, Bone Marrow Transplant becomes a necessity for patients who have blood cancers or any other diseases that affect the structure and function of the bone marrow. Through Bone Marrow Transplant ( BMT ), conditions including leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and solid tumors, as well as aplastic anemia can be successfully treated.

Best Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals in India:

There are many specialized Hospitals that are highly qualified in Bone Marrow Transplants in India. By looking at the complexity of the procedure, patients opting for Bone Marrow Transplant must choose a hospital that has a record of successful treatments.

Some of the top hospitals for Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery and cancer treatment in India are listed below:

These hospitals are well renowned for their advanced facilities for Blood Cancer with excellent diagnosis at affordable pricing. The hematology department of these bone marrow hospitals in India is well-equipped with state-of-art techniques for non-vascular testing dedicated to Bone Marrow Transplant procedures.

That’s not all, they too have contributed to the science of transplantation, making bone marrow transplant safer and improving the lives of people with an intention to make a difference. 

Benefits of BMT Units in Best Hospitals

Consult Hematologist in India from the top hospitals and check-up for prognosis, treatment, and prevention of blood-related disorders. These hematologist doctors have served for a really long time and have accomplished a high rate of successful BMTs (Bone Marrow Transplants) in India. They are dedicated to infusing fresh lifelines to rejuvenate the hopes for a healthier tomorrow. Consult Best Doctors for Hematology in India who are specialized in practicing the latest and efficient techniques to provide superior patient care Based on the clinical profiles optimum facilities are offered:
- HEPA filtered positive pressure rooms with laminar airflow for the management of critically ill patients with various benign & malignant hematological conditions during Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT). 
- Daycare infusion therapy unit. 
- Daycare PICC line insertion & care unit. 
- Cryopreservation unit. 
- State of the art intensive care enabled service.

Vanya Health:

A leading name in Medical Value Travel in India is Vanya Health, preferred for Medical tourism, considering the world-class healthcare amenities and treatment. They enjoy a good reputation for having a network of the best hospitals, doctors, and medical treatments, dedicating their efforts to facilitating patients to experience the best healthcare service and treatment by associating with the top hospitals, doctors, and panels.

Being a part of MVT (Medical Value Travel in India), affordable and best medical treatment in India with High-Class Services is made possible. They too provide online doctor video consultation for right and prompt diagnosis. People can expect the best telehealth assistance, simple and secure access to mobile-friendly video consultations at the convenience of home or workplace.

Connect with the world-class specialist at just one click of a button and resolve every doubt about the treatment and interim care. This is a great way to get second opinions from the world’s top specialists and doctors, thereby preventing misdiagnosis. 

Vanya Health is all about offering you all the needed care and treatment in your budget and focusing on getting you back on your feet with the help of the best hematologist in India. Sign in for the top-tier medical facilities backed up by the most advanced equipment and technology there is in the medical field. Yes, that’s VanyaHealth for you when it comes to bone marrow transplant in India in a cost-effective manner for speedy recoveries. 

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