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Bone marrow is a soft tissue that is enriched with blood vessels present inside the medullary cavities and as a significant part of our body, the bone marrow makes sure that several body parts function properly. Along with being responsible for making red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, it is also responsible for containing stem cells or HSCs which are known for making one of the most integral parts of the body. Most of the patients that seek bone marrow treatment in India, suffer from some kind of malfunctioning of the bone marrow due to several diseases, infections and treatments like chemotherapy. Due to the impact of these treatments, the formation of red blood cells stops and various infections affect your health. 

Bone marrow transplant in India: 

Do you want to know if it is possible to get your bone marrow healthy again? Then you must know that a bone marrow transplant can be the solution for all your doubts and suffering. During the transplantation procedure, the damaged bone marrow is replaced with the blood stem cells through surgery. With the help of transplanted bone marrow, new blood cells are created and it leads to the growth of a whole new bone marrow which acts as a shield against infections and other diseases. 

During the medical process of bone marrow transplant in India, surgeons collect the healthy stem cells from the patient’s body or get them from the donor. If you’re choosing to go with this procedure, you have to make sure that you choose to consult a bone marrow transplant specialist in India first. 

Why is a bone marrow transplant needed? 

If a person’s bone marrow isn’t healthy enough to be functioning in the proper manner as a result of any hematological ailments or blood cancer, then it is vital to transplant their bone marrow for their good health. Here are various conditions under which bone marrow transplant is suggested by the experts: 

  • Vague and chronic leukemia or blood cancer

  • Thalassemia Major, Sickle Cell anemia, or Aplastic Anaemia

  • Myeloid and lymphoid, Hodgkin’s and Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma

  • Diseases related to Primary Immunodeficiency

Types of bone marrow transplants: 

The type of such transplants depends upon the reason why you require the transplant and it is basically categorized into two types: 

Autologous Transplants

In autologous transplants, doctors extract your own stem cells to harvest before you undergo intense chemotherapy treatment and then they use the harvested stem cells to save your health. This kind of treatment only works when the patient still has healthy bone marrow before he gets the treatment. This method can also be useful when it comes to minimizing the complications which are experienced during the bone marrow transplant procedure. 

Allogeneic Transplants

In this type of transplant, stem cells from donors are utilized to support the growth of bone marrow. The only condition that you must meet to get this treatment is the donor and the patient should have matching HLA or a genetic match. The success rate of allogeneic bone marrow transplants in India highly depends upon how accurately the donors' cells match your cells. The factors that this kind of transplant depends upon is the donor type which can be any of these :

  • siblings or relatives 

  • Unrelated donor 

  • Or haploidentical donor  

During the bone marrow transplantation process, the immune system of the patient weakens and they will be vulnerable. That is why various immune-suppressive drugs are given to them in order to prevent the rejection of the donated stem cells and diseases. The patient will be at more risk of catching infections and the doctors recommend close monitoring so that they can do the necessary adjustments in the treatment if anything goes wrong. 

Ways to increase bone marrow count and harvesting? 

Bone marrow account is boosted with the help of injections that are specifically made to increase the production of the stem cells. These medicines aid the stem cells to move into the blood and make the retrieval much easier. Once it is done, doctors utilize a machine to circulate the blood that is extracted from the vein and to filter blood and separate it from other parts of blood including the stem cells. After the extraction is done, the stem cells are preserved in the freezer and when the radiation and chemotherapy are done, they are infected in the body of the patient again. Due to the high success rate and low cost treatment of bone marrow transplants in India, patients from all over the world are coming here and seeking help. Medical tourism in India for bone marrow transplant is at the peak due to the world-class care, advanced techniques and trained medical staff at economical rates that our country is capable of providing. 

How is bone marrow transplantation done?

The process of bone marrow treatment in India begins where a central venous catheter tube is utilized to inject the healthy stem cells into the patient’s body. These cells are transplanted in the upper right part of their chest, neck or arm. This tube that is used by the doctors enables the experts to install the healthy stem cells contained in a fluid to transfer directly to the heart. Once these stem cells are properly spread in your body, they eventually lead to the formation of the bone marrow. After this process, the growth and production of stem cells usually start and there is no need for any sort of surgery to be done. If you are not satisfied with your treatment, then you can always go for a second opinion as you consult a bone marrow transplant specialist. These consultation services are available in all the top bone marrow transplant hospitals in India once your medical tourism company puts you in touch with them. Make sure that you choose a treatment center that fits your budget and offers amazing treatment facilities compatible with all the modern amenities that are associated with this process. 

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