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People find it so painful to pee if kidney stones are present in the urine and this condition needs to be treated as early as possible by the best kidney hospitals in India. The kidney is an organ that is responsible for discarding unwanted waste from the blood and converting them into urine. Crystal-like substances are formed within your kidneys when waste accumulates and your kidney is not generating enough urine. Kidney stones are produced when these crystals solidify by attracting more minerals, chemicals, salt and wastes. These kidney stones need to pass out as urine from your body or they will keep growing larger.

Causes of kidney stones development

  • Low consumption of water.
  • Eating a diet rich in sugars, sodium and protein.
  • Obesity
  • If you are a patient who has undergone intestinal or gastric bypass surgery recently. 
  • If you are going through certain health issues with increasing levels of calcium, uric acid, oxalate or cystine.
  • Close relatives from your family have a history of struggles with kidney stones. If you have any cystic or polycystic kidney problems.
  • Irritation or swelling is caused in your joints or bowel. 
  • In case you are taking any medications that are calcium-based and diuretics. 

Treatment options for kidney stones

Patients often wonder if there are possibilities to remove kidney stones without making ANY scar, cut, opening, hole in the body. With technological advancements made in the medical industry, you can treat your conditions without any surgical procedures.

1. Medications

The best Nephrologist in India might recommend certain manageable healthy lifestyle changes such as drinking plenty of fluids, changes in diets along medications. You will be prescribed specially designed drugs for dissolving those kidney stones like steroids, calcium channel blockers and alpha-adrenergic blockers. The doctors will be suggesting other medicines like allopurinol, thiazides and K-citrate, etc. for preventing any kidney stone formations in the future.

2. Shock wave lithotripsy

Shock wave lithotripsy is one of the best non-surgical kidney stones treatment options available. Pressured Shock waves are generated from outside the human body areas where the kidney is located to cause the stones to break. Stones formed in the ureter or kidney are broken to fragment pieces by introducing shocking waves. Once the shock treatment is given the kidney stones will be crushed into dust, so that they can easily be transported through urine. Since this treatment is safe, it can be performed as multiple sessions to crush the remaining unbroken stones.  

Who requires Shock wave lithotripsy treatment?

The lithotripsy treatment is the best choice for those patients with large kidney stones that can be crushed. Certain factors determine the effectiveness of the treatment such as the following:

  • Size of the kidney stone
  • The shape of the kidney stones
  • The place where these kidney stones are located in the kidney or urethra
  • Patient medical health history
  • The health of the kidneys

Doctors will opt for shock wave lithotripsy treatment when the stones are not bigger than two cm size in diameter. They might find it difficult to crush larger sized stones with this treatment. Similarly, pregnant ladies and people with diseases like chronic skeletal deformities, infections, bleeding complications, cardiac issues, etc. are never treated with the shock wave lithotripsy. One great advantage of treating patients with kidney stones with lithotripsy is that it does not make any hole opening or cut or scar in the body. Therefore recovery period is brief and a minimum period of hospitalisation is required. 

3. Ureteroscopy

Ureteroscopy is another effective non-surgical kidney treatment in India. In this method, the doctors will be carefully inserting a flexible thin scope into the patient’s ureter and bladder. The physicians will be closely watching for any symptoms of kidney health issues or the presence of kidney stones. The urologists will recommend this treatment when the kidney stones are located in the ureter to break the stones during the procedure.

Who requires ureteroscopy treatment?

Medical Value Travel in India welcomes patients across the globe to get connected with the best urology treatments in India and be relieved from their kidney stones issues.  
Urologists will diagnose your body with CT scans or MRI scans to recognise the exact location and size of the kidney stones. The symptoms will be analyzed and doctors will check the health condition of your kidneys, urinary bladder, urethra and other organs respectively. This treatment is considered the safest for :

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Patients with obesity problems 
  • Blood clotting issues

The ureteroscopy will give a clear crisp picture of the urinary tract to insert safely lasers for crushing the kidney stones and also for removing any suspicious unwanted tissues. This is a simple treatment that can be conducted as an outpatient option within 1 hour period. Therefore no hospitalization is required and the patient can safely return home without any complications.

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