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Our kidney takes an important part of our body. Every day to produce urine, both our kidneys filter about 115 to 140 liters of blood. The more healthy your kidney is, the more the function is done properly. A healthy kidney regulates blood pressure, removes wastes of your body and signals the body to make red blood cells, and also helps regulate growth in children. But unfortunately, kidney problems are common these days and so is their treatment. Many Kidney Hospitals in India are specialized in treating the unhealthiest kidney through advanced technologies.

To understand its treatment, you must understand what it is and its types and how you can prevent your healthy kidney from becoming unhealthy.

What is a Kidney Disease?

This is a disease that can affect your body’s ability to purify the blood, filter extra water out of the blood, and keep the blood pressure on the track. More than that it also affects red blood cell production and vitamin D metabolism needed for bone health.

We all have two kidneys which are located on either side of the spine, above your waist. When kidneys are damaged, waste products are built in the body which are responsible for causing swelling, nausea, weakness, poor sleep, shortening breath, and if not treated on time the condition of the kidney gets worse and may stop working. That’s life-threatening, hence it is advisable to take kidney treatment in India on time.  

Why is A Kidney Essential in Our Body?

Well, healthy kidneys play an important role in our body, and a major part of their functions are:

  • Keep a proper balance of water and minerals such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus in the blood.
  • After the process of digestion, the waste from the blood is removed with the help of the kidney.
  • To make renin which the body uses to manage blood pressure.
  • It also helps in the making of the chemical called erythropoietin, which reminds the body to make red blood cells.
  • It also forms vitamin D, which is required for bone health and other things. 

So for the proper roles of these things in our body, it is a necessity to keep your kidney always healthy, you must consult a nephrologist in India and they will suggest ways to keep your kidney healthy and young. 

Now, we will see some of the kidney disease types.

Types of Kidney Disease:

1. Acute Kidney Injury

Some of the kidney problems happen very quickly like if you met with an accident and your kidney is injured. And losing a lot of blood can cause kidney failure. Consumption of drugs and poisons can make the kidney stop working. When sudden drops in the kidney happen then it is called acute kidney injury. Doctors also term it acute renal failure. This will lead to permanent loss of kidney function. It is advisable to get  Kidney treatment in India at the initial stages to get rid of serious damages.

2. Chronic Kidney Disease

Most kidney problems happen slowly. A person may have kidney disease for years and they won’t even know. This type of gradual loss in the function of the kidney is called chronic kidney disease. People with chronic kidney disease may go on and develop kidney failure. Their risk of death is high from a stroke or a heart attack. 

3. End-stage Renal Disease

This is the stage where you have to go for a kidney transplant in India. In this stage total or nearly permanent kidney failure happens which is also called end-stage renal disease. 

To save yourself from all these types, you can have a check on a few symptoms like poor appetite, continuous puffiness under your eyes, muscle cramping which can be some of the many reasons, there are other symptoms too when you can consult a doctor to save yourself from kidney transplantation.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease:

1. Tiredness and less energy: When the kidney is not functioning properly it can build up toxins and impurities in the blood. This can cause people to feel lethargic, tired and weak. Another cause of kidney disease is anemia, which can become the only reason for weakness and fatigue.

2. Trouble sleeping: When the filtering is not done properly by kidneys, toxins stay in the blood rather than leaving from the urine which can make it difficult to sleep. 

3. Dry and itchy skin: When the job of the kidney is done efficiently it maintains the right amount of minerals in the blood. Mineral and bone disease leads to itchy and dry skin. Kidney disease can be the reason.

4. Blood in the urine: Healthy kidneys keep the blood cells in the body but when the kidney filters have been damaged the blood cells can start to leak out with the urine. Get an immediate checkup because you may even have kidney cancer. Many hospitals specifically look into kidney cancer treatment in India.

The Bottom Line:

It is always advisable to eat healthily, do regular exercise to save yourself from kidney disease. There are many good Kidney hospitals in India where you can get a regular checkup and also take advice to keep your kidney and other organs healthy. And in your place, if you don’t have access to quality healthcare services to give you proper treatment advice then you can always look at the medical tourism companies in India where they have an extensive network of top hospitals and top doctors. 

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