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The liver is a power-packed organ that performs more than 100 vital functions, that includes detoxification of organisms, synthesis of biochemicals and storage of nutrients. Blood passing from the intestines and stomach gradually flows through the liver. The liver helps in regulating chemical levels of the blood passed through it and a product called bile is produced.

Bile is vital for breaking down the fats accumulated in the small intestine and disposing of waste materials from the liver. Taking care of your liver is essential to living a healthy life. We have discussed 12 Things That Can Damage Your Liver.

1. Excessive consumption of Alcohol

The damaging effects of alcohol consumption vary depending upon the health condition of the liver in a person. However, consuming a huge amount of alcohol can cause excess damage and inflammation within the liver, which can lead to liver disease and cirrhosis. Doctors might recommend you avoid alcohol completely or consume it moderately.

2. Drinking less amount of water

Our bodies are made of 75 percent of water, which is a wonderful ingredient helping in the detoxification process. If you drink less amount of water it can cause dehydration and other complications. The liver requires an adequate amount of fluids and water up to 4 liters every day to stay healthily hydrated and efficiently functioning Liver. When you drink less amount of fluids it damages your liver. 

3. Smoking 

Smoking can cause liver cancer and other chronic diseases. When the smoke from cigarettes is inhaled it burns and affects your liver. 

4. Obesity 

When you gain too much weight, an excess amount of fat cells is accumulated in your body. The liver gets damaged and sometimes causes liver cancer when these fat cells produce toxic proteins. 

5. Eating unhealthy diets 

Consuming plenty of sugary, oily and salty foods is bad for your liver’s health. These types of foods can cause an accumulation of cholesterol build-up within the liver. Fructose is the harmful chemical present in most unhealthy salty, oily and sugary food options. When you consume plenty of such unhealthy foods consistently it can cause chronic liver damage and diseases. 

6. Consuming huge dinners

The majority of the functioning of the liver is performed at night. Therefore, eating Hefty, oily, sugary and rich food items before going to sleep can generate excessive compulsion on the liver, which can lead to severe damage to the liver. Beetroots and carrots are the best dinner meal options that you can eat, as they help in restoring and cleaning up the liver. 

7. Eating processed and packed food

Processed and packed foods are harmful because they contain trans fats that increase bad cholesterol levels and decrease good cholesterol levels. Consuming processed foods can thus lead to liver damage and heart disease. 

8. Hepatitis and other infections  

Hepatitis is a chronic illness that can severely damage your liver. This disease occurs when you inject drugs or practice any sexual activities with multiple partners or have unprotected sex with an infected person. Avoid having unsafe sex to give ultimate protection to your liver. Take care to protect your liver from any type of infection and disease. 

9. Excessive medication 

Any drugs or medicines prescribed or bought over the counter, it is processed and broken by the liver. Thus, when you consume high dosages of drugs or too many medicines, it can damage your liver. Avoid excessive doses of drugs to keep your liver healthy

10. Avoid depression and anxiety 

If you are going through a phase of anxiety and stress in your life for a long period, it can severely cause damage to your liver. Emotions and psychological stress that you experience are linked to the liver. Studies show a connection between death due to chronic liver diseases and stress. 

11. Lack of physical activities 

Exercises and physical activities help in boosting your liver’s health condition. When you regularly exercise it helps in burning unhealthy calories and aids your body to detoxify itself. Therefore, following a perfect exercise routine will highly improve the strength and health of your liver. 

12. Cancer 

A diverse range of Cancer spreads from different body organs and affects your liver. You are considered to be at the risk level if your liver is already damaged due to hepatitis, infections, cirrhosis, fatty liver diseases, liver failure and other complications. 


The liver is the most precious organ of your body and you must take good care of it by following a healthy lifestyle and regularly doing health check-ups. Visit your doctor and perform certain liver function examinations and tests to check the health condition of your liver and avoid any chronic complications. 

Eat a nutritious diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits and food supplements that keeps your liver healthily functioning. Avoid consuming alcohol, beverages drinks, smoking, and sugary and salty foods. Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and lead a stress-free positive lifestyle to help the liver function typically without any infections or complications. Stay healthy!



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