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One of the busiest organs in the human body is the liver. Right from producing bile for digestion to removing toxins from the body, the liver is super busy performing more than 500 different functions on a daily basis. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lifestyle includes high stress levels, constant consumption of junk food, incessant smoking, heavy drinking, and self-medication, all of these factors have put the liver at serious risk. There are major liver diseases that are caused by our hectic schedule and easy lifestyles like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and liver damage. Sometimes people also get affected adversely and are diagnosed with Liver failure and liver cancer. Thus, proper attention and care must be given to the liver for its good health.

You can consult the best liver specialist in India, they will advise you on many ways that can keep your liver young and healthy. We will discuss few basic things that can be easily done to keep the liver problems at bay area:

Limit Your Alcohol intake:

Our body and liver can cope up with consuming only a certain amount of alcohol. As per the guidelines, a man should consume moderate alcohol which means no more than 2 drinks a day and a woman's body is ok having one drink a day. 

To be precise, one drink include:

  • Beer: 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters)
  • Wine: 5 fluid ounces (148 milliliters)
  • Distilled spirits (80 proof): 1.5 fluid ounces (44 milliliters)

More than these can harm your organs, especially the liver. Consuming alcohol more than what your liver can take will affect the liver cells and they will not be able to process it which will result in liver damage, leading to permanent scarring of the liver. Excessive drinking can also cause liver failure too.

Exercise Regularly:

This is the most important thing to help you get rid of most of the health diseases and also keeping your body fit and healthy, but people often compromise doing regular exercise in today’s lifestyle. Regular exercise comes with many other benefits too, they help in keeping nonalcoholic fatty liver disease at bay, a severe condition that can cause cirrhosis if not taken proper care of. The liver specialist in India will always suggest you be active to keep the liver fit. So, if you are not a fan of doing regular exercise, start by doing some small exercise then gradually move up towards increasing it to half an hour daily because exercise can help you and your liver stay healthy.

Be Hydrated:

You will be surprised to know the fact that you need water to maintain healthy bodily function, especially the function of the liver. Water is very important to flush waste and other toxins like alcohol or chemicals from the body. When the body becomes dehydrated, the liver’s function decreases because of the insufficient water in the body. Therefore make sure to remain hydrated, drink water after waking up, before eating a meal, before and after any physical activity and before bed to ensure proper function of the liver. 

Stay Away from Fad Diets:

Following random diet plans, weight loss pills, or protein pills are in trend these days, people fall for shortcut plans to lose their weight without understanding the after-effects. Fad diets will surely show results in your weight loss but they might end up harming the liver in the long run. So, before jumping into any weight loss plans it is advisable to take a second opinion in India from the doctors.

Be Careful with The Medications:

Nowadays, we often tend to self-diagnose ourselves when it comes to the common cold or cough. People tend to find a short cut by taking non prescribed painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen etc. and if taken frequently can damage the liver, by not consulting a doctor will only put your health at risk. People often feel too lazy to reach out to the doctor because of their tight schedule and consider the cold and flu to be a normal health disease but they are not aware of the fact that out of any organs liver is the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of self-medication. The liver acts as the main organ that detoxifies whatever medicine goes inside our body. To prevent any serious damage to the liver, always consult the doctor. Nowadays, there is an easier way to consult the doctor, online consultation with a liver specialist in India is also possible now. So, no excuse, you can definitely take care of your liver.

Get Vaccinated:

Get vaccinations that can protect you from getting Hepatitis A, B. Before getting these shots, consult your doctor or liver specialist. Hepatitis A can be caused due to contaminated food and water and Hepatitis B can be caused due to sexual contact or contaminated blood and needles. So, it is better to prevent it before by taking vaccines.

Get a Liver Function Test Regularly:

Liver function tests which are also referred to as a hepatic panel is a simple blood test that is done to measure different enzymes, proteins and other substances that our liver produces. This blood test can reveal much information about liver health and may also indicate liver disease. This allows you to help your liver before it’s damaged.

The Bottom Line:

The liver is a wonderful organ created to perform countless functions of the body. It nurtures and protects our body every day from toxins giving the body the desired energy and also maintaining mineral and vitamin supply in the body. All of this requires a healthy liver and the healthy liver needs special attention which you can easily do by following the basic steps that are discussed in this article.

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