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You might have probably heard about liver cirrhosis, but most of them are not aware of what it is. It is a serious liver disease that leads to liver transplants. And the worst thing about it is you will not even know if you have cirrhosis. Many patients have cirrhosis and may still have enough liver function to manage the body’s daily operations. This disease brings a lot of complications. Many hospitals are specialized in Liver treatment in India. Before jumping on its treatment, you must know what this disease is and how it is caused.

What is Liver Cirrhosis and How is it Caused?

This disease implies scarring of the liver which as a result potentially threatens life. 80-90 percent of the liver is damaged and replaced with scar tissue in an advanced stage. It is generally caused by sustained liver damage either by alcohol, a toxic substance like (drugs, excess copper, or iron in the liver), viral infection such as Hepatitis B, C, or when the biliary system is blocked.
In most cases, all the above cases which result in Hepatitis can be treated. However, if not treated on time, cirrhosis is developed and then it is a challenge to change the course of the disease. And also if you do not know cirrhosis has an increased risk of causing cancer. So most of the people who developed liver cancer have evidence of having cirrhosis. 

And that’s the reason when you consult a Hepatologist in India they would want you to go through many tests and check at what stage you are.

What are The Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis?

As said, it is not always necessary that everyone experiences the same symptoms, some people will not even realize while in some the symptoms are tiredness, feeling lethargic, yellowness in urine and eyes, swollen feet, anemia. In advanced stages, the patient may even experience blood vomiting, stomach bloatedness, mental deterioration and coma, kidney impairment, and jaundice. The patient may have a bleeding tendency because of low platelet count and low level of liver protein prothrombin.

Before it is late, get yourself tested if you experience any such symptoms because there are many Top Liver Hospitals in India that can give you the best treatment and it will be better for you if you know it early.

The Do’s and Don'ts When You Have Cirrhosis:

Some Do’s

  • You must get a detailed check-up with a liver specialist or hepatologist to grade the disease and find out the appropriate therapy.
  • The hepatologist will decide when and how many times you will have to go through the liver function tests, be particular and serious about it.
  • Research the disease but don’t overdo it because there are varieties of liver treatment in India, and if you are not located where health services are great, then take the help of medical tourism services in India.
  • To treat chronic liver disease a nutritious diet has to be taken. Until you are in a very late stage, You will not have to completely avoid fatty food and proteins as it will result in malnutrition, take proper advice from your doctor on what to eat and what not to, but junk food is better to be taken in a limited proportion.
  • Being a regular exercise person, even walking for 4 to 5 km daily can help you a lot.
  • If you are a diabetic patient, always keep a tab on it as it is important to maintain blood sugar levels to control liver cirrhosis.
  • Maintaining good hygiene at home is especially important to patients who have undergone a liver transplant in India.  

Some Don’ts

  • You must not take alcohol at any cost.
  • In virus-related cirrhosis, excessive physical activity should be avoided.
  • Forced bed rest should not be done, you must maintain some physical activity and a reasonable degree of mobility.
  • You must avoid contact sports in the advanced stages because of bleeding and poor clotting tendency.
  • Self-medication is a big ‘No’.
  • Say no to unprotected sex or share needles because it can increase the risk of hepatitis B and C.
  • Don’t risk consulting doctors whom you have no trust with, instead take help from companies like Vanya Health, the medical tourism company that has entrusted a list of experienced doctors and hospitals.

Treatment for Cirrhosis:

Following are the treatments for liver cirrhosis.

  •  A low sodium diet and medication will be prescribed to prevent excess fluid in the body which may control ascites and swelling.
  • Certain medicines will be given to control increased pressure in the veins that supply the liver and to control bleeding.
  • To prevent infections the doctor will prescribe antibiotics or other treatments for infections. Vaccinations like influenza, pneumonia, and hepatitis. If you have no idea of treatment, Vanya Health can be very helpful. They have a list of the best doctors and treatments.
  • Medications will be prescribed to help reduce the buildup of toxins in the blood due to poor liver function.
  • And when nothing works the transplantation of the liver will be prescribed.

The Bottom Line:

There are several liver treatments in India, and even trustable hospitals from where you can get yourself treated but to avoid the worst case, all you can do is take proper care of your health and get yourself checked if you experience any symptoms because of medication is always better than surgery. 

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