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There is a wide range of tests available for evaluating if you have a healthy liver. Tests and Diagnosis of the liver determine the functioning capacity and health condition of the liver. Your doctors will be recommending these tests to measure the levels of bilirubin, enzymes and proteins present in your blood.

Depending on the results showing either lower or higher than normal levels of enzymes and proteins, your doctor will evaluate your liver. Sometimes these tests are conducted to monitor the progression of liver diseases or to examine the effects of post-surgery or any other treatments. Tests are also done on the damages caused to the liver due to hepatitis B and C infections.

Types of tests used to evaluate liver

We have shortlisted the types of tests performed to check the health conditions of your liver. 

1. Alanine transaminase test

Alanine transaminase or ALT is an enzyme present in the liver that is used to dissolve proteins in your body. If your liver is not properly functioning or is damaged, then ALT enzymes are released into the bloodstream causing an increase in ALT levels in the body. If the results of your ALT tests show higher levels than normal levels, then it indicates that your liver is damaged or infected.

2. Albumin test

Albumin is one of the important protein sources produced by the liver and is responsible for various vital functions of your body. Some of the functions of albumin include the transportation of vitamins, minerals and other substances in your body and nourishing the body tissues extensively. The test will show if your liver is producing albumin at accurate levels. 

3. Aspartate aminotransferase test

Aspartate aminotransferase is a vital enzyme present in diverse parts of your body such as muscles, pancreas, brain, heart and liver. If the AST blood test results show an increase in the aspartate aminotransferase enzymes in the blood it is a sign that your muscles or liver is damaged and has some health issues. However, checking the AST level alone is not a marker of liver infection or damage and so an AST test is combined with ALT tests for accurate diagnosis.

4. Alkaline phosphatase test

Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme present in your liver, bile ducts and bones. Liver specialists in India will recommend the ALP test along with various other liver tests to evaluate the functioning capacity and the health condition of the bile duct system in the liver. 

5. Bilirubin test

The disintegration of red blood cells releases a waste product known as bilirubin that is processed by your liver. This toxic waste passes through the functioning liver and is processed and the pater is excreted through the stool. If your liver is damaged it loses its capacity to perfectly process bilirubin. 

This causes an increase in bilirubin levels in your blood. However, certain inherited diseases can also cause an increase in the levels of bilirubin in your body, even when your liver is not damaged or infected. Your doctor will review the test results and check if the hike in bilirubin is due to liver problems or other issues and then start your treatments accordingly. 

Tests for liver cancer and other chronic liver diseases

Liver cancer treatment in India has excelled due to highly qualified Doctors and surgeons providing premium healthcare services. A few important tests that might be recommended by your doctors are listed below.

1. Physical Examination 

Your Doctor will Evaluate your liver by pressing the abdomen and by sliding fingers gradually towards the edge of the liver and the right ribcage. By this examination, the size of your liver and any changes can be evaluated. Your physician will be able to notice if there is a build-up of abdominal fluid, swelling, lumps or any other changes indicating liver disease. They will also analyse to see if you have any signs of jaundice in your body such as yellowing of eyes, skin and deformation of nails.  

2. Blood test

Blood tests are recommended for checking if the liver is functioning properly and if AFP levels have increased. Also, a blood test is done to see if the AFP increase is because of hepatitis B or C. 
According to the results obtained by the above tests, your Liver specialist in India will recommend any one or more tests as below. 

3. Ultrasound 

Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound test for evaluating if there are any tumors present in your liver or any nearby organs. 

4. CAT or CT scan

A 3 dimension image of the inner parts of your liver is created by this scan. The computer will blend these images captured into a cross-sectional detailed view of the body and shows the presence of any tumors or other abnormalities. The CT scan is also used for evaluating the tumor size.

5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the MRI scan test that produces clear detailed images of the inner body parts using a Magnetic field.  The size of cancer or non-cancerous tumors is measured using an MRI scan. 

6. Angiogram

An angiogram is an advanced technology tool that can show pictures of the blood vessels. This is done by injecting a dye into the bloodstream to reveal the blood vessels present in the liver.

7. Biopsy

The biopsy is a process where a portion of tissue from a suspicious tumor is removed as a sample and examined under a microscope by a pathologist. 

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