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The liver has two large parts called the left and the right lobes. Under the liver sits the gallbladder along with parts of the pancreas and intestines. The liver along with these organs functions together to digest, absorb and process food. In the human body, the liver is the largest solid organ. There are many reasons that cause liver diseases. Some of these reasons are heavy alcohol use and obesity. In such cases, the ultimate solution can be a liver transplant. Liver transplant in India costs starting from $30000

12 facts on liver transplant are listed below:

  • There are three main types of liver transplantation and they are deceased organ donation, split donation and liver from a living donor.
  • A person needs a liver transplant when someone suffers from irreparable liver damage.
  • A team of transplant specialists decides whether you can undergo liver transplantation safely or not.
  • You can undergo liver transplantation if you have cancer or a major heart, lungs or nerve ailment or if you consume alcohol. However, you have to follow the instructions of your doctor carefully. The transplant surgeons along with the family of the patient decide whether to carry out the transplant or not.
  • Patients are listed on the waiting list based on their blood type, body size and other medical conditions.
  • The donor can be a family member who needs to undergo medical tests before he/she is eligible to donate. In the case of a deceased donor, the entire liver is donated but in the case of a living donor, a portion of his liver is donated as it is the only organ that can regrow.
  • Requirement for liver donation is that the recipient and the donor need to be approximate of the same size and have adaptable blood type
  • Liver donation is safe as the donor can return back to normal life in a month.
  • Before surgery there is a risk of acute complications and post-surgery there may be bleeding and other infections but all of this can be easily managed by professionals.
  • After surgery, you need to avoid people with infections and immediately report any sign of illness to your doctor.

The recovery period after the surgery is given by the doctor and it varies from person to person. The success rate of liver transplants in India is 90%. Exceptional quality and integrative care will be assured to you. Steps to a successful liver transplant are as follows:

  1. Converse with your doctor about liver transplantation
  2. Pay a visit to a transplantation center
  3. Get yourself examined for a liver transplant
  4. Get approval for your liver transplant
  5. Acquire yourself a place on the national waiting list
  6. Authenticate a living donor match if you wish to carry forward with this type of liver transplant

Precautions to take after a successful liver transplant surgery are as follows:

  1. Check-up on a regular basis: It is very important that the patient should visit the clinic regularly. There is an increased risk of coronary artery disease after the surgery as there are chances of diabetes and weight gain.
  2. Medications: It is very crucial for the patient to take your medicines regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Families should also familiarize themselves with the patient’s medicine and ensure that the patient takes the medications properly.
  3. Exercise: The patient should also exercise regularly. But you should not lift heavy weights like babies as well as you should avoid abdominal exercises. Deep breathing is also a very helpful exercise.

Chennai in India is known as the healthcare capital of India. Medical tourism in India is growing increasingly popular.  Some of the best liver transplantation hospitals in India are Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (New Delhi), Medanta (the Medicity, Gurugram), BLK Super Speciality Hospital (New Delhi), Artemis Hospital (Gurugram), Fortis Hospital(Delhi), Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre, Global Hospital and Max Super Speciality Hospital (New Delhi). You can consult a liver transplant specialist in India personally as well as through teleconsultation.

Prevention is always better than cure so if you want to keep the liver young and healthy then follow the given steps:

  • Drink Coffee: Research shows that coffee can help keep away liver diseases.
  • Herbs and Dietary Supplements: Some herbs and dietary supplements can cause harm to your liver. A few that cause problems are cascara, kava, comfrey, chaparral and ephedra.
  • Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise: Healthy diet and regular exercise will help you keep your weight under control. This will keep away non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD leads to cirrhosis.


Liver transplantation is the only definitive treatment when a person suffers from liver failure. This treatment has produced a positive impact on people with advanced liver disease. This surgery gives the gift of a healthy and productive life again to its patients. The various facts about liver transplantation have been shared above so that it can help you to take the correct decision about this surgery.

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