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Brain Tumor is a disease that requires proper treatment. It occurs more often in men than in women. It can occur at any age although there are many types of treatments available to treat brain tumors. Therefore before getting a brain tumor treatment in India it is important to take proper advice from the medical team and get a brief idea of various treatment options. Treatment for brain tumors depends on various factors including the type, location, and size of the tumor.

The methods differ for children and adults. The 4 successful ways to treat Brain Tumors are:

Considering the nature of tumors, the important 4 treatments are:


The usual treatment for most brain tumors is Surgery. The brain tumor is removed by making an opening in the skull. This operation is called a craniotomy. The surgeon tries every possible way to remove the entire tumor. If the whole tumor is not removed the doctor will remove as much tumor as possible. Partial removal helps to relieve symptoms by reducing pressure on the brain and reduces the number of tumors by radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

There have been rapid advances for brain tumors in surgery that includes the use of cortical mapping, enhanced imaging, and fluorescent dyes.

Cortical mapping allows identifying the areas of the brain that control the senses, language, and motor skills.

Enhanced imaging devices give surgeons more tools in planning and performing surgery. For example, Image-Guided Surgery helps the surgeons map out the location very accurately. Well, this specialized technique may not be available widely.

The fluorescent dye can be given before surgery and this dye can be taken by tumor cells. And doctors can use a microscope to see the cells that have taken up the dye. This helps the doctor remove as many tumor cells as possible.

Radiation Therapy

Now Radiation therapy is also used as an option to treat brain tumors. Radio surgery is also available in most hospitals which are very useful in removing brain tumors.  Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays or other particles to remove tumor cells. This cancer treatment in India is used by surgeons to slow or stop the growth of a brain tumor. Generally, Radiation therapy is given after surgery and possibly along with chemotherapy. The doctor who specializes in giving radiation therapy is called a radiation oncologist.

Radiation therapy can be given in two ways External-beam radiation therapy and Cyberknife radiation therapy.

External beam radiation therapy: External beam radiation therapy is given from a machine outside the body.

Cyberknife radiation therapy: The radiation treatment uses highly focused beams of radiation to target cancer cells. It also tracks moving targets (like areas in the chest and abdomen that move when you breathe) it means it can also be used to treat lung cancer as well as cancer of the brain, liver, pancreas, spine, or pelvis.


This therapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells. The brain tumor hospitals in India use this therapy in cycles. The doctor uses just one drug or a combination, usually, the drugs are given orally or by injection into a blood vessel or muscle. Generally, the patients do not have to stay in the hospital during this treatment and most of the drugs can be given in the doctor’s clinic or office. The patients will be told to stay in the hospital only if the drugs used are required. 

Cancer Immunotherapy

The treatment option Cancer immunotherapy uses the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. The body’s immune system is stimulated in immunotherapy to attack cancer cells. The great thing about this treatment is it can work without harming healthy tissues. In Immunotherapy either the natural immune system is boosted or artificial man-made cancer-fighting proteins are given to boost the immune system. The success rate of Immunotherapy depends on the type of cancer.

It’s important to learn all treatment options and when you consult a brain tumor specialist in India be sure to ask questions about things that are not clear. Talk to your doctor about the side effects after the treatment. Because it is important to be aware of the brain tumor and be prepared.

The Bottom Line:

A brain tumor causes several side effects which include physical, emotional, and also mental. It is important to be very careful and conscious during this period. Be sure to discuss every detail with your doctor on how you feel. This will help your doctor to treat any symptoms and side effects as quickly as possible. And many problems can be prevented. In many people, the brain tumor has been successfully treated by the doctors of India and due to the success rates and effective treatment the medical value travel services in India have been very popular. 




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